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So… it is going to be over 80 degrees here (North Carolina) this week!  I can’t wait (really!)… I already started cleaning today.  It drives Mickey just a little bit crazy that I get into the ‘cleaning moods’ because he says that I do huge projects every day (like cleaning out closets), but our house is always better for it.  Today I am teaming up with Four Monks™  to share our best Spring Cleaning Tips!

So, I wanted to share my favorite spring cleaning tips that will make things so much easier! Oh how I love to talk about cleaning and keeping the house organized!

5 spring cleaning tips

1- Start by de-cluttering your house.  You can’t clean or organize clutter.  Get rid of it.  Really.  Don’t set it aside to sell it.  Don’t hold onto it for another year.  Both of those things mean that you will have it much longer, sitting in piles around your house.  Donate it.   Do it this week.

2- Let the light shine in!    Open your windows and blinds.  Clean your windows and screens (to clean your screens, take them out and wash them in a large bathtub).
Don’t forget the window seals! Clean the corners of a window-seal with an old toothbrush soaked with Four Monks™ Cleaning Vinegar to help remove dirt.

3- Clean your kitchen table.  This is an overlooked area, but it is easy to clean and makes a really big difference.  Use a vacuum first & suck up the dirt and then clean them with your favorite cleaner:  Four Monks™ Citrus Mint Cleaning Vinegar. It’s powerful enough to wipe out stains, odors, and grime without using harmful chemicals. In fact, Four Monks™ Citrus Mint Cleaning Vinegar (pick it up at Walmart)  is made from food-grade vinegar, so you know it’s safe for everyone in your family.

four monks

4- Clean your toys.  Clean your toys.   Because some of our toys end up in the kids mouths (like toy food, etc…) I will either throw them into the dishwasher or I’ll clean them with  our Monks™ Aroma Controlled Cleaning Vinegar because this is a food-grade vinegar, so I know that it is safe.
Ps- don’t forget to clean outdoor toys, too.

5- Clean out the kids toys in the bathtub! Put them in the dishwasher for a cycle.  I also try to go through & get rid of random toys.
Made this picture just for fun (but this actually is my bathtub and those actually are my feet covered in toys!  The top lady is clearly NOT me… although she does look relaxed, right?   LOL!!) 

bath time

More bathroom ideas:
~Remove soap buildup from faucets by scrubbing them with a solution of 1 part salt to 4 parts Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar.
~To shine chrome sink fixtures that have a lime buildup, use a paste made of 2 tablespoons salt and 1 teaspoon Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar.
~Freshen air in the bathroom by spraying a solution of 1 teaspoon baking soda and 1 cup Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar.

four monks2

BONUS #6- Clean your shoes.  I will take the kids tennis shoes & flip flops, etc… and throw them into the washing machine to give them a little scrub before springtime starts.    (Be careful with drying them!  One time I dried our son’s Crocs and turned them from a size 3 child to a newborn baby size!  Seriously!  They just shrunk down to nothing!)

Ps- then start a rule of no shoes in the house…  I’m terrible about this and hate to have bare feet inside, so to solve that issue, I buy really cheap flip flops (like the $2.50 ones at Old Navy) and wear them around like slippers.  They are only worn in the house.   🙂

I hope that helped!!   Be sure to pick up the Four Monks™ Aroma Controlled Cleaning Vinegar or Four Monks™ Citrus Mint at Walmart & get cleaning. 🙂

If you are ready to declutter, you can download my cleaning list here (FREE):
Click here & I’ll email it to you.  

daily cleaning list print here



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  1. Your tips are unique and fresh. Thanks for reminding us we need to clean really everything around us, and not just the usual stuff.

  2. The tips are truly helpful. They’re unique and can be applied for every season IMO. Thanks for sharing, you’re awesome!

  3. The idea with the shoes is very interesting, but don’t forget to wash the curtains too. I like these spring cleaning tips. I also like to begin with house de-cluttering, I can use the ideas through all the seasons. They are helpful. Thanks for the article!

  4. I decided to try to wash the marks off of my walls once and it took forever! Good idea about painting instead. It would have saved me a lot of time.

  5. I just want to add that bleach is not always suitable for cleaning children toys. It may be dangerous for their health and it may ruin the toy. You can soak all the toys in soapy water with vinegar or baking soda in the bathtub.