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I have partnered with Bounty to bring you some awesome cleaning tips (all opinions are 100% mine)

It is hard to clean your whole house in one day.   I try to do it, but honestly, when I was doing it room by room (a room a day) I was getting so much more done, because it became a habit. Now,  I do cheat just a bit, because I have a robot vacuum that runs every morning at 9:15. (I love it, let me tell you!)   I also cheat a bit by using a new product Bounty with Dawn (built in soap!)

free printable checklist

So, before we get too into the lists, let me start out with your daily things… the things that need done on a daily basis:

1- A load a day keeps chaos at bay.
TIP: Throw in a load of laundry when you wake up. If you do it right away, you can probably have it dried and folded before you leave the house in the morning.   (example – If I get up at 7:00 and do it right away. I will throw it in the washer at 7:30 as I’m feeding the kids breakfast.   By 8:00 it will be done and I will be folding it.

2- Wash your bathroom vanity every day.
TIP: Keep a roll of Bounty with Dawn under you bathroom vanity and just wet it and wipe your vanity and sink every morning (after you brush your teeth- dried toothpaste is a mess to clean!)

3- Clean out your toilet bowls.
Try to do a room a day. Just go in there and use the cleaner and then a few minutes later, clean it up.  Use Bounty with Dawn on the rest of the toilet.  It will take you less than 5 minutes.

Second, you need to have your products ready to go:
I have a basket with a handle and I keep these products in that basket:


Your Modern Family’s Room by Room Detailed Cleaning Guide:
Get the free printable version here—>>> room by room cleaning guide

Note: the kids have chores, as well.   However… during the school year, I do most of them during the week, as I tell them that their job is to keep their rooms clean & do their homework.  They are expected to do very well in school, because this is their job while they are young.  


Dust the table.

Dust the chairs.

Dust the chandelier/ lighting fixture (its all about details)

Wipe down the switch plates.

Clean the shutters/blinds.

Clean the windows.

Clean the baseboards (I’ve read that a dryer sheet works wonders for this job)

Wash the floors. (I do a ‘quicker’ weekly cleaning and then once a month I will clean them on my hands & knees)

If your kids are home and don’t have homework, they can easily help with the dusting. 🙂

MONDAY (part 2)- FRONT PORCH: (yes, we are doing this one on Monday, too)

Sweep the porch (and porch steps) with a broom – move furniture to do this.

Get rid of any spider webs

Care for any plants.

Wipe down the banisters

Dust the furniture (I just use a damp rag)

Again- our kids LOVE helping with this area.


Use a broom/Swiffer and get all of the areas. (don’t miss the edges)

Wipe down the switch plates.

Clean the shutters/blinds

Clean the windows.

Clean the baseboards



Wipe down the cabinets.

Clean out at least ONE drawer and ONE cabinet a week. (That means taking everything out and cleaning it, then putting it back in and reorganizing it).

Clean your countertops

Clean your chandelier

Clean your kitchen table (sanitize it)

Clean out your kitchen sink

Clean the “hot spot” – your pile of papers and mail!

Wipe down the switch plates.

Clean the shutters/blinds.

Clean the windows.

Clean the baseboards (focus on the areas under the cabinets and kitchen table)

Clean the toilets. The whole thing: (starting with the handle…) Handle, Seat, Rim, Inside of bowl, base and floor.

Clean the sinks and vanity.

Clean the shower and bathtub and the toys inside of the shower/bathtub.



Clean throw pillows and blankets (wash them if they need it).

Clean wooden furniture

Clean fireplace

Clean lights and lampshades

Clean television screen and box.

Shutters/blinds/window seals all need to be cleaned.

Picture frames need to be dusted.

Check the corners of the room (ceilings too) for spider-webs.

Clean UNDER the cushions on the couches.

Vacuum the edges of the carpet (use your vacuum extension)

I hope that was helpful!


Print the list out here –>>room by room cleaning guide


This list is taken from my book, FREED FROM CLUTTER, a complete “start to finish” way to clean, de-clutter and organize your home in 30 days.

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  1. Hi Becky. Thanks for the checklist. I’m a busy mom of two and torn among so many things that need my attention, I’m sometime at a loss where to start with cleaning, what to do, ect lol so this will be helpful. Thanks!

  2. Hi,

    Great checklist! Minus the use of chemicals. The great thing about cleaning is that all we need is water. It’s also safer for our kids and pets! Also, have you thought about your paper towel consumption? What if you could use reusable cloths, that would save you time, money and energy. Please check out my webpage for more info on how to decrease the use of chemicals in your home, and thanks for sharing! I’ll be starting on the laundry and bathrooms tomorrow!

  3. Such a great and helpful article and so true.I had been trying to make Wednesdays my clean-all, but it is just too much! I like this idea of splitting things up a bit more. It might be good to put these in a google calendar and set reminders