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Spring cleaning is on many of our minds these days, so these 25 ways to make cleaning easier should be helpful!

25 ways to make cleaning easier

We all want to get our families together to clean our houses from top to bottom.  With some teamwork and the use of these practical cleaning tips, you can get your cleaning done in no time!

1) Use a room by room guide to give you a smoother cleaning process.

2) Keep your carpets clean with a 2 ingredient carpet cleaner (you can make this and it is easy and makes a huge difference in your carpets!) .

3) Come up with a daily cleaning plan so you can stay ahead of the mess.  Example: Every Monday you clean the kitchen.  Every Tuesday you clean the bathrooms and empty the bathroom cabinets, etc..

4). Be sure to get all of your hot-spots every day.  These are the areas on your kitchen countertop or table that become “filled with stuff”, mail piles, homework, books, keys.   Every day go through that pile!  Put that ‘hot-spot’ out!

5) You can clean your kids toys  in many different ways.  In the dishwasher, in hot-soapy water, with bleach water.  You can even make your own cleaners with ingredients that you already have at home  !

6) Purging your home of items can help eliminate the clutter which cuts down on what you need to clean.  Clutter can make you feel stressed and upset, so just get rid of it.  YOU CAN’T ORGANIZE CLUTTER! 

7) Set up a cleaning swap with a friend.  I have a friend that does this!   Every Monday they go to her house to do laundry and every Tuesday they go to their friend’s house to do it.   There are so many ways to do these!

8) Make sure you do not forget about cleaning the inside of your dishwasher using either bleach or vinegar.   Ours needs it at least once a week between the six of us.

9) We all need to remember to stay focused on cleaning and make the most of our cleaning time.  My mom always told me “You’ll clean twice as fast if the TV isn’t on”.  That could not be more true for me.

10) Cleaning your shoes is often an overlooked item.  I just throw our kid’s tennis shoes in the washer every so often for a good cleaning.  I always find that they look so much better than before (warning: do not dry Crocs!  Learn from my mistake!) 

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11) To tackle your deep cleaning, come up with a plan where it is spread out over a few weeks.  You don’t have to knock it all out right now.

12) Clean your refrigerator using baking soda and a few other items.  I love to use saran wrap in our fridge under foods that might spill.  It makes for a very easy clean-up!

13) You will be all ready to clean when you create a cleaning kit – just have all of your things in one basket that you can take from room to room.  I keep my basket in my laundry room, ready to go.

14) Clean high places with a broom and a dust rag.  You know that there is a lot of dust (and even spiderwebs) where you can’t reach!  Remember that just because you can’t reach it… doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need cleaned).

15) Use the easiest method to clean a shower head with vinegar and a baggie!   Easy enough for a huge difference!

16) Save money and make some of your own cleaners using these recipes.  I couldn’t believe how well they worked (& you have to love saving a few dollars when you can, right?)

17) Toss lemon peels into the garbage disposal for an instant clean.   I love the smell, too!  I will do this right before company comes over to give it a really fresh-clean smell. 

18) Use a wire hanger and Windex wipes to clean between oven glass.  Who knew, right?!   I do this all of the time!  It is just an easy way to reach in those hard-to-reach places!  I do this under the refrigerator, too.

19) Clean your blinds with vinegar.

20) Using hot water, wash your sheets once a week to rid them of germs and build up.  I have also heard that you should leave your sheets off of your bed for a full day each month to really let your mattress air out.  (Plus- you get a day off from making the bed!) 

21) Use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to get rid of the gunk around your stove top.

22) Borax and lemon juice will make your kitchen sink shine.  Also using lemons and salt or lemons dipped in sugar (just cut the lemon in half, dip it in sugar or sea salt, or dip it in epsom salt… then scrub the sink with it) 

23) Get the stains out of the microfiber couch using a sponge and rubbing alcohol.  Test an area first, but this TOTALLY worked for me!

24) Don’t let dust and allergies ruin your life, instead use this tip to clean your area rugs to reduce dust.  Vacuum them regularly and be sure to clean under them.

25) Listen to podcasts while you clean and you will be finished in no time!  You can even call up a friend and catch up.  I will call my friend Julia (my old college roommate) on the phone and we could talk for an hour- before I know it, I’ve cleaned the entire living room!

26) Get those dirty cookie sheets clean with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.  Ahh- what a great little tip!   I couldn’t stand when they wouldn’t come clean! 

27) Clean cloudy glasses with vinegar so they look like new.   We all could use this tip!

28).  And the biggest hack yet…. GET YOUR FAMILY TO HELP YOU!   Seriously- you need to STOP DOING THAT FOR YOURS KIDS!

29.  Have your kids clean their room.  My one rule eliminates messes almost completely (seriously- try this out for yourself!)

If you need more tips… check out my FREED FROM CLUTTER BOOK! 


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  1. Thank you for all of these!I need to get rid of all the toxic cleaners in my home immediately.

  2. Cleaning glass can sometimes be quite the task. Reading this made me think of a few of the glass items in my house that I don’t normally think to clean. I hardly ever look to clean the glass in my oven! Thanks for sharing some tips on that.

    1. 🙂 I know- me either (& thats the worst part because there are always finger prints there!)

  3. I think you should put the scheduling part on top of the list! It is the most important part because every tip of yours will be effective if timed perfectly 😀