25 quick activities for kids

25 Quick Activities for Kids

I had to share some last-minute summer ideas because it is almost over.    I love doing quick and fun activities with our kids. Ok- first, I am getting ready to tell you something that a lot of parents don’t want to hear… I LOVE SUMMERTIME AND DON’T WANT SCHOOL TO START BACK.   (Does anyone…

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Tech Tote - the best parenting hack for kids!

The Tech Tote (great parenting hack!)

I had to share the tech tote with you, because it is really a great little parenting hack! Most of you know that we have no-electronic weeks.  We have them because they are just a great way to ‘detox’ from screen time and connect as a family.   We also have our No-Screentime Until printables…

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Clever ways to organize homework and artwork

15 Homework Organization and Art Display Ideas

School will be back in full swing soon for most families, and if you’re not organized, things can quickly become chaotic. Papers, homework and artwork everywhere! Luckily, we’ve put together some clever homework organization ideas as well as cute ways to display your kids’ artwork. If you have the space, a designated homework station is…

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kids zoning out when you talk and not listening? try this

Are your kids “zoning out” when you talk?

Are your kids zoning out when you talk?  Do you feel like they don’t listen?   These tips will help to get past that problem. 1. State only what needs to be done. Instead of: “You are being so messy!  Your shoes are all over the floor! Who do you think is going to come over…

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just for boys

Why it’s ok to have things Just for boys or Just for girls

Last week, I shared a post about raising our sons and I wrote “Teaching our sons to be gentlemen”  to which I saw MANY comments that said “Why does it have to be sons?  Why can’t it be “teaching our sons & daughters”  or “Why did you put teaching young kids to be kind?”   (ps-…

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get the kids ready for school faster in the morning

How to get ready for school fast in the morning

I am so excited to share these school and morning readiness tips with you!  If you wonder how to get ready for school fast in the morning, these morning readiness tips will help.  These tips are also being featured  on the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® website (where you can find everyday savings, tips & tools!) You can read…

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Organizing the kids rooms

I love organizing kids’ rooms because their bedroom is the place where our children sleep, play, read… It can be a great place for them to DREAM, so lets keep it organized & wonderful so that they can enjoy it! The key to organizing a kid’s room?  Having systems in place!   You can’t clean…

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