have the cleaning talk

Have the cleaning talk with your family

It is important to talk about cleaning in your home.  If your home is clean, you want to be there.  Your kids want to be there.  Your spouse wants to be there.   It feels welcoming and inviting.  You know that you don’t have anything to do.   Trust me, clutter can build up and… 

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raising a leader

11 tips for raising your child to be a leader (part 2)

Welcome to part two of how to raise your child to be a leader. Today is #6-11.

6). Don’t expect perfection. Don’t expect laziness, either. Teach them to try their best (and make sure that they do!)

7). Lead by example. The best thing that we can do is to SHOW our kids.

raise your child to be a leader

11 tips to raise your child to be a leader (part 1)

Let me start out by saying that not everyone is meant be a leader- I want my kids to have the best of both worlds.   I want them to be confident leaders, but to be cooperative followers, as well.   I want them to take the initiative to stand up for what they believe in, but the… 

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kitchen hack

Kitchen Life Hack: Helping your little one to be independent

This post, as with any, may contain affiliate links. If you are Helping your little one to be independent, this is one trick that might work for you!   This little tip comes from my sister in law and I love it!   I do this for our four year old son, now, too. Every morning,  I get… 

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frozen b-day party ideas (cheap!)

Frozen birthday party ideas (on a budget) and a pin it party

I am so excited to see you at our party! Each week I post one of my favorite posts that you share on my page.   This week I had to post this Frozen Party idea by Oatmeal smiles:  While those are adorable, my favorite is this part… (I love this song!) If you want… 

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raising your son to respect himself

Teaching our sons to respect themselves (because the Boyfriend – Girlfriend thing starts too young!) This week’s YMF library…

This week I am sharing a few more reads to get you through the weekend… Today’s books are all about introducing our children to physical intimacy through God’s word.   I want our children to be very pure in their lives and education and knowledge are the ways that I am going to accomplish this.  … 

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Yellow Rice, Black Bean & Pepper recipe

Yellow Rice, Black Bean & Pepper recipe (my favorite!)

This dish is my very favorite!  A friend made it for me and we have adapted it to become one that we now love.    I make it at least once a week.  It is a Yellow Rice, Black Bean & Pepper recipe and it is fantastic! Here you go… Ingredients: 2-3 cans black beans… 

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stop sibling rivalry

8 ways to stop sibling rivalry TODAY!

Learn how to stop the sibling rivalry in your home. When I hear my children saying negative things to each other, my heart breaks a bit. I learned this great idea and I had to share it with you. It may seem a little over-the-top at first, but I can tell you first hand that it works! Learn how to stop the sibling rivalry in your home. Teach them to support each other, build each other up, be each other’s biggest fans!

paint a textured wall

How to paint a textured wall (its easier than you think!) (& a GIVEAWAY of FrogTape Shape Tape to help you!)

This post brought to you by FrogTape. All opinions are 100% mine. My husband was off for a whole week- you know what that means- PROJECTS!   He painted three rooms for me around the house: 1- Our oldest son’s bedroom (white to blue) 2- Our youngest son’s bedroom (white to a different color blue)… 

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How our kids use their birthday parties to help others

Unselfish birthday gift idea (you are going to love this!) – How our kids use their birthday parties to raise money to fight Alzheimer’s

“…encourage your kids to give to others instead of having others give to them. Teach them to use what they have for the greater good. Raise your child to be a giver, a server, a Christ-follower, a person that loves better to give than to receive.”

inspire greatness

How to inspire greatness in others by showing them how GREAT you already are! (& a giveaway of 8 boxes of cereal!)

If you had to think of one thing that makes you great, what would you say? Is it your personality? Is it your career? Is it your family? Your children? Is it the fact that you are a great friend? Today I wanted to talk about not just what makes YOU great, but how we can teach our kids to know that THEY are great! You teach greatness by being great! Appreciate yourself.

feature 1

5 Things you DON’T want to forget to take to an amusement park (with kids!)

It is that time of year! I hope these tips help… The are tried and true.


Crayon Wall Art Masterpiece & a pin it party

I am so excited to see you at our party! Each week I post one of my favorite posts that you share on my page.  Today I wanted to feature a post that I think our kids are going to love- it is a Crayon Wall Art Masterpiece from  the Farm Girl Gabs.  I love this… 

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