foster a love for reading

Foster Your Child’s Love For Reading – At Any Age

I grew up in Denmark, in a small town, in a really tiny house. Our itty-bitty house was packed from floor to ceiling with books. These books were my world – and my world was large and wide. The books were filled with pages covered with words, each and every one of them taking me… 

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5 tips to eliminate sensitivity in teeth

5 Tips to Eliminate Sensitivity in Teeth

When I asked our dentist why I have such sensitive teeth, he said that people had healthier teeth years ago, when we used to eat three meals a day. He said that our saliva had a chance to come back and clean our teeth. When we are constantly snacking, the saliva never builds back up and then it doesn’t have a chance to clean our teeth. He said that it weakens our enamel, which in turn leaves our teeth more sensitive and with more stains (and cavities!)

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Win back to school clothes from Mini Boden #Bodenbacktoschool

Our kids are picking out their back to school clothes.  I like to buy most of the things that they will need in the ‘off-season’, so I buy my fall clothes in the spring and my spring clothes in the fall.   This, along with clothing swaps, is how we save money. However, I do… 

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Butterfly clips using coffee filters

Butterfly crafts with coffee filters & Butterfly Candy – Adorable!

I recently held a butterfly themed birthday party for my daughter. In addition to decorating the house with butterflies, and snacking on themed treats, we also planned butterfly crafts with coffee filter and butterfly candy treats that are perfect for kids to make. To make these easy tie dye butterflies you will need are coffee… 

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ABC soup

Water play (making ABC soup) & a pin it party

Each week I post one of my favorite posts that you share on my page.  This week my favorite was WATER PLAY by A Little Pinch of Perfect.  Doesn’t that look like fun?  Just click on the pictures above to be taken A Little Pinch of Perfect to learn more!  Now it is time to… 

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turkey roll ups

Kid friendly meal plan (plus a recipe for turkey-bacon roll ups)

Today I wanted to share & tip for a Kid friendly meal plan and a recipe.  Enjoy! It is time to head back to school… already!  I have enjoyed our summer (I actually LOVE summer break because I love doing fun activities with the kids at home), but I’m excited for our kids to start whole… 

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(Seasoned) Grilled corn on the cob in foil

We decided to have a Family reunion traditional cookout.  There really isn’t anything better!   Steak, potatoes (sweet potatoes in the crock pot), vegetables, corn on the cob (grilled in Reynolds® foil). When we have a cookout, we like to try to spice things up a bit, especially when on vacation (like we are today!).  Burgers… 

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break free from fear

(Guest Post) How to break free from the fear of trying new things

There are so many times in life when fear can get the best of you.   Being a parent is full of those times- you question your decisions every day, because you aren’t sure of the outcome.    Today Erica Barker is sharing three ways to overcome fear and her story of how she overcomes… 

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help your child's school from home

3 ways to help your children’s school when you don’t have time to volunteer

Today I wanted to share 3 ways to help your children’s school when you don’t have time to volunteer.  You can do all of these from home.  I have four children- you can imagine that my time is limited… As a large family, we have so many fun times, but it is hard to catch even… 

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family reunion menu ideas

How to plan the perfect family reunion menu (recipes included!)

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Frozen Foods Institute and the Frozen Food Roundtable for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.  I hope that it gives you some great tips on how to plan the perfect menu for a family reunion.  This week, our family of 21 people, gathered… 

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family game night

Perfect NEW board game for your little ones! Its the Q Wunder Board game

So I have found my new favorite board game, by a long shot!  This game is seriously perfect for our kids.  This week I played this game with our sons, ages 7, 6 and 4 and my nephew played it with me, too… age 5.    I think that we played this a minimum of… 

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5 snacks to keep your kids going strong through the school day. (I’m sharing on today!)

Today I am so excited and privileged to be guest posting on I am posting about 5 snacks to keep your kids going strong through the school day.   Here is just a sneak peek (but you can read the full article right here!) Let me tell you that I stressed as much about… 

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clean my kitchen

Clean My Kitchen Day 3 – how to clean small appliances

Welcome Back to the Clean My Kitchen Challenge.  Today we are on Day 3- how to clean small appliances Day 1 (today) will be getting ready and clearing/cleaning surfaces. Day two will be cleaning large appliances Day three (today) is all about cleaning small appliances Day four will be cleaning your hardwood or tile floors. First… 

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