10 things to keep in your purse

10 things to KEEP in your purse

Call it what you want… purse, handbag, shoulder bag… its all the same thing, right?   Well- how full is yours? I am laughing as I write this because last week, my friend Jen was trying to find her phone in her purse and had to dig through so much stuff to find it.  …

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share your FB photos

5 creative ways to share your Facebook photos

Here are 5 creative ways to share your Facebook pictures.    1- Make a digital Photo book!   This is really easy and fun.  You can just download the app on Facebook- Photopad.   It will let you turn your FB photos into a digital book to share with family and friends.  You can watch a…

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10 things you need to throw away right now!

Top 10 things to throw away

There are things in our home that need to be tossed or donated right now! Go through this list and decide what you can do to clear out your house today.

5 post workout snacks

5 post-workout snacks

Today I am sharing 5 post-workout snacks that I know you will love (these are perfect for before or after your child’s sports game or practice, too!)


Fall Flavors & a pin it party

Each week I pick a favorite pin that was shared the week before. This week I chose this fall foods roundup from  Jornie.com. Now it is time to join the party with myself & my friends: Paula @ Beauty Through Imperfection Kristi @ Klover House Gabby @ MamaGab **Before you pin, I just want to make…

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Fun Fall Party Foods!

  Welcome to the Kid Blogger Network Giveaway for Fall!  A group of kid-bloggers (myself included) have gathered our money together to give it away to a few fantastic readers to get you going on the Holiday Season!   We are giving away $500 to four different people!!!  That means that you have four chances to…

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beat the baby blues with these tips

How to overcome the baby blues

“I love this baby so much, but I just don’t “feel” as joyful as I should. I don’t understand?” This is more common than you know, so today I am talking about how to beat the baby blues. When I had our first son, I had heard a little bit about the ‘baby blues’. I…

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Coconut oil turkey meatballs

Fresh Coconut Oil Turkey Meatballs with bacon with Maple Dijon Gravy (the kids LOVE these!)

Last week, I had a great time attending a “Fresh eating” informational meeting at a friend’s house. We talked about the importance of eating wholesome foods and feeding these to our family.

While we were there, we had the opportunity to grab some new GREAT recipes to try with our family and this was, by far, my favorite recipe… Coconut Oil Turkey Meatballs.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 11.35.06 PM

Thomas the Train Party Ideas

Have I ever told you that I have engineers in our house? Four of them, to be exact! They love to build, design and create. This year, we planned our son’s fourth birthday party around that theme. We decided to have a Thomas the Tank party and he loved every second of it!

8 steps to the perfect babysitter

Hire the Best Babysitters! Use This Proven 8 Step Process

As parents we fret over every decision we make for our children, and childcare is no exception. Who do we trust to watch our children when we cannot be there?! Regardless whether we need help daily or occasionally, all day long or for a few hours, leaving our children in the care of someone other…

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make eating out EASIER & more FUN with these tips!! Love # 2 & #5!

Practical Tips for going out to eat with young kids

from quick solution to last-minute attempts, I hope that these PRACTICAL tips help you! These will help you get through those first few years, when your toddlers are still young and your preschooler’s attention spans aren’t QUITE their yet. As your kids get older (four year old and on…) it gets easier if you teach them the proper way to enjoy eating out when they are young.
Tip # 1…

grow your marriage Your Modern FAmily

grow your marriage after kids

How to Grow Your Marriage After You Have Kids   Life changes drastically after you have kids, and not just in the sense that you’ll get less sleep (for the next 18+ years). From talking about who changes the next diaper to deciding what kind of parenting style to follow, you’re living in a whole different…

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Chili with salsa

Gluten Free Chili Recipe

I am sharing one of my favorite chili recipes with you today! We love it so much! I’m sure you will love it, too. It is healthy, fresh, and easy to make.