8 steps to the perfect babysitter

Hire the Best Babysitters! Use This Proven 8 Step Process

As parents we fret over every decision we make for our children, and childcare is no exception. Who do we trust to watch our children when we cannot be there?! Regardless whether we need help daily or occasionally, all day long or for a few hours, leaving our children in the care of someone other… 

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white cheese pizza with tomato and basil

Our favorite recipe : Home made chicken basil pizza! (The kids make it!)

My family and I make this recipe at least once a week! It is our favorite recipe: Home made chicken basil pizza! (The kids make it!) We buy two large pre-made pizza dough balls from the pizza shop, but today I am going to share this recipe for a smaller family (we have six people… 

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football snack ideas (easy!)

Football Food – tailgating snack ideas!

So many snacks to choose from… which ones are you going to make? Check out my favorites!

make eating out EASIER & more FUN with these tips!! Love # 2 & #5!

Practical Tips for going out to eat with young kids

from quick solution to last-minute attempts, I hope that these PRACTICAL tips help you! These will help you get through those first few years, when your toddlers are still young and your preschooler’s attention spans aren’t QUITE their yet. As your kids get older (four year old and on…) it gets easier if you teach them the proper way to enjoy eating out when they are young.
Tip # 1…

grow your marriage Your Modern FAmily

grow your marriage after kids

How to Grow Your Marriage After You Have Kids   Life changes drastically after you have kids, and not just in the sense that you’ll get less sleep (for the next 18+ years). From talking about who changes the next diaper to deciding what kind of parenting style to follow, you’re living in a whole different… 

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Chili with salsa

Gluten Free Chili Recipe

I am sharing one of my favorite chili recipes with you today! We love it so much! I’m sure you will love it, too. It is healthy, fresh, and easy to make.


Budget Friendly Nautical Entry Way Idea & a Pin it party

Budget Friendly Nautical Entry Way Idea & a Pin it party. Each week I pick a favorite pin that was shared the week before. This week I chose this Budget Friendly Nautical Entry Way.

goldieblox party

“Girls can be engineers, too” Birthday Party Theme … #LookatGoldie

For our nieces fourth birthday party, we decided to go all out!  She invited 7 girls (ages 4-8, plus our daughter… age two) for a “Girls can be Engineers too!” party!  She really wants to do what her brother can do.   She wants to build.  She wants to create.  She wants to run.  She wants… 

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trident giveaway

Giveaway from Trident!

I had to share this info for all of you soccer fans! Our kids love soccer… That’s why I was so excited when I was invited to participate in this sponsored campaign! During the week of September 15th, every pack of Trident gum purchased will spur a donation to Smiles Across America, up to $200,000.  How generous!… 

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encourage your toddler to walk

Encourage your toddler to walk (5 tips)

I work with kids on a weekly basis, as a play therapist. Our daughter, along with many of the toddlers that I have the privledge of working with, are delayed in walking. Our daughter was still crawling at 17 months. (Now that she is two, I’m happy to report that she is RUNNING around like she doesn’t have a care in the world).


September 11th- we were closer than you know.

September 11th will always be a sad remembrance of what happened, the lives lost and the sorrow that families felt and still feel.  My Dad was able to witness it first-hand, as he went after the attacks to help.  He is a physical scientist and was sent there to fit the workers with their respiratory… 

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stop doing that for your kids

STOP doing that for your kids!

A few weeks ago, our son had some friends over… Less than a handful of his closest friends.   We went out to eat and then we came back home and had their snack at our house (it was a little birthday gift for our son).   That night, my eyes were opened. The kids ate dinner and… 

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candy corn tree yourmodernfamily.com

DIY Candy Corn Tree

We loved making our Candy Corn Tree because it is FUN and FESTIVE and the kids loved having a few bites here and there! This craft is so easy and it has some really great lessons to teach your kids!  (counting, dividing in the early stages, cause and effect, helps with fine motor skills, subtracting,… 

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