best fall fruits & veggies

Foods that help your body FIGHT ILLNESS!

The crops of the fall season are usually not quite as exciting to most of us as those we get in the spring and summer.  BUT, the health benefits of these wonderful items will take you far in helping ward off colds and other illnesses.  Take a good look at how beneficial these crops are…

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halloween-tips for HEALTHY alternatives!

5 Hauntingly Healthy Halloween Tips

Halloween is just around the corner and sometimes it can be challenging to keep our little ghouls and goblins out of the candy bowl and eating healthy.  From Halloween parties to trick or treating, this time of year seems to be filled with sweet candy treats of all kinds.  A key to keeping these sweets…

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scrap wood ghosts

Scrap Wood Ghosts & a pin-it party

Each week I pick a favorite pin from the week before and this week’s feature pin caught my eye because we have SO much scrap wood (in the garage, in the storage building, etc…).  My husband and three sons love to build, so if its scrap wood you are looking for… I’m your girl! I…

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How to take the juice out before opening it (avoid the mess)

A school lunch tip you don’t want to miss!

This school lunch tip is probably a little silly to be sharing, but let me tell you that it has helped our kiddos so much! Our kids love to take fruit cups to school, but they won’t take them because when they open them, the juice gets all over the place and makes a mess….

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SAve money for college now - how to get started & why

Saving money for our children’s future

My husband and I are both college graduates and we have seen how rewarding a college education can be. He attended a private school, where he studied managerial economics and he played football for the team. (Here is a picture of us at one of his football games. We went to college four hours away from each other, but I went there every weekend that he had a football game.)

paper towel flower

Decorating tip & a $1.00 Sparkle Paper Towel coupon!

I am so excited to partner with Georgia-Pacific to share my favorite decorating tip with you… about color (and a great coupon!) Our home is very ‘nautical’.  I have a room that is completely white… white couch, white love seat, white ottoman, while furniture.   This picture doesn’t even do it justice… its just so…

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DIY pipecleaner flower bookmark

DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Bookmark

This DIY pipe cleaner bookmark is a really fun way to make a gift! It is also great for fine motor skills for your kids, so let them make one and use it with their favorite book.


Eat clean when you have no idea where to start

So, you want to eat clean but have no idea where or how to start? It sure can be overwhelming. With the internet, social media, Pinterest, etc. there is so much information out there and you probably don’t know what information is “right.” I get it. I was there. In 2009, I took the plunge…

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party ideas

Halloween Party Ideas

This post is part of a 2-part series in partnership with Sverve and Farm Rich. All opinions are 100% my own. #smokehousebbq I love helping our our kid’s classes with parties and throwing our own parties, so today I am sharing 5 ideas for a Halloween party… 1- {For kids} Measure a pumpkin and do the…

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keep nanny happy

Keep Your Nanny and Babysitter Happy!

I recently wrote an article about our interview process for hiring babysitters and nannies. It is really true what they say: “good help IS hard to find!” Once you have found a good caregiver for your children – cling on to them like only a toddler can hang onto a candy bar at the grocery…

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spooky snacks

Spooky Snacks …

Today I am sharing a few Spooky Snacks with you.. and some pictures of our kids in their new Halloween Costumes. I think you are going to love these (EASY) tasty treats!


Elmo Birthday Party ideas

I wanted to share this Elmo Birthday Party because I love to share fun & easy Birthday Parties with you. Last week I shared our friend’s bee-day party and today I am sharing this Elmo party. Enjoy!

make a professional hair bow

How to make a professional hair bow… and a pin it party

Today’s featured pin is How to Make a Professional Hair Bow.  I picked this one because I would love to make this for our sweet Allie of Mine!   It looks way easier than I thought. PS- Here is my tip on how to keep a hair bow from slipping out of their hair.   Here…

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printable lunch box notes

free printable notes for lunch boxes (& natural lunchbox ideas!)

I hope that you enjoy and use these free printable notes for lunch boxes.   They bring a smile to our kid’s faces, so I am sure that your kids will love them, too!  Personalize them with a little note of your own at the bottom…  There’s lunching, then there’s lunching awesome. I”m sure that your…

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8 tips for strengthening your marriage

Tips for a stronger marriage

Today I am happy to share these 8 tips for a stronger marriage. Your marriage is important and it needs your attention, especially if you are going to grow your marriage after kids.