5 netflix shows for kids

5 Netflix shows for kids

Our family uses Netflix a lot- we use it in the car or when we are going to be waiting somewhere for a long time (I have the app on my phone).  We use it at home, as well.   Today I want to share 5 Netflix shows for kids that I think you will… 

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teach kids how to spell last name

How I teach my kids their name & phone number with ONE tip

Today I wanted to share exactly How I teach my kids their name & phone number with ONE tip  - it is easy & I hope it is helpful! Our three sons are all very different… One loves schoolwork while one loves to create.  One loves to play outside while one loves to be indoors…. 

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teaching table manners to YOUNG kids

Teaching Early Table Manners & a pin it party

Hi!  Welcome to our pin-it party!   Here is how it works: Every week you share your favorite pins below.   On the following week, I pick a pin that stood out to me… one that I think you will love!  I share it… Repeat! This week, I am sharing a pin from The Military Wife & Mom and it… 

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birthday giveaways

GIVEAWAYS for the WEEKEND: Jr. Velo Balance Bike & 19 Kids and Counting DVD

I wanted to go ahead and host some giveaways for everyone, in honor of the many birthday’s that happen in August! Just in our family alone, we have our daughter’s birthday on the 7th, my birthday on the 16th, our son’s birthday on the 29th.   That doesn’t include our extended family! First up, the gift… 

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free printable - sports practice scavenger hunt for younger siblings

FREE PRINTABLE Scavenger Hunt for siblings during their brother or sister’s sports practice (keep them busy!)

We have four kids and they are all two years apart: 8, 6, 4, 2. This means that when our 8 year old has football practice, his little brother’s and his little sister does not want to sit and watch it for two hours. I can tell you that after two hours, you would see this…… 

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atlanta ga

WIN 3 TICKETS TO SIX FLAGS… plus Our AWESOME trip to Atlanta, GA

My husband and I wanted to surprise our kids, so we took an impromptu trip to Atlanta, Georgia (we were taking them to Six Flags and they didn’t have any idea!)
Here are some pictures from our fun trip!!

good nights sleep for mom

6 tips to help mom get a good night’s sleep

We all worry that our kids will sleep, but once that happens (as rare as it is) and all of your kids are sleeping through the night, it is important for YOU to get your rest, too! Here are 6 tips to help Mom get a good night’s sleep. 1- Finish your to-do list. You… 

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stay connected to your College Student

5 cheap ways to stay connected to your kids (in college!)

I remember leaving for college. It was the first time that I would ever been away for so long. I missed my family, but thankfully, I have a Mom that knows just what I need when I need it. Today, I am going to share 5 tips to stay connected to your college kids when they are away that I learned from my mom.

why i shop online

Why I shop for back to school items ONLINE (& what I bought!)

Back to school shopping is definitely fun for me. What can I say… I love to shop! My husband has just as much fun shopping for the kid’s shoes as I do shopping for their outfits. It is hard to get out there, into the mall or store, with four kids (even when my husband is there to help), so this year, we went back to school shopping online!

how to grow your blog (30+ bloggers share!)

New e-book just for bloggers… How to grow your blog ( 30+ bloggers share tips!)

Many of you may not know this… bloggers make money.   Some bloggers are making over…  $30,000 a month!  I kid you not! With that being said, I wanted to help other people learn how to blog and how to grow their blogs.   How do I do that?  I joined 30 other bloggers to… 

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teach kids to be empathic

Teach kids to be empathic

I am proud to participate in this encouraging and helpful program, Hunger Heroes, on behalf of Champions for Kids and The Motherhood. It is hard to teach children to have empathy for others.   When they fall down, we say “Oh, you’re ok!  Stand back up.  There you go!”   or if they get a… 

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teach your child with play dough

Learning With Play Dough

Play Dough can be a parents worst nightmare… stuck in the carpet, put in mouths, shoved into toys…. you get the picture. However, with some simple structure learning with play dough can actually be quite fun.  Set Boundaries:  We have these rules for play dough: – It is stored in a plastic container in the… 

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Confused about insurance coverage ? Here are a few tips to help (you are not alone! 74% are confused!

Giving your family the right medical plan

This featured post from Elma is filled with helpful tips to help when you are looking for medical insurance for your family…As a parent, protecting your family against things like poverty, ill-health and other hardship is always a priority. In addition to ensuring your nearest and dearest benefit from a safe home, good nutrition and plenty… 

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