handprint flower painting

DIY Handprint Flower Painting (Mother’s Day gift idea!)

This DIY handprint flower painting is perfect for Mother’s Day!   I have a 18 other Mother’s Day ideas for under $5, but this one is probably my favorite. Here is what you need: 1- A canvas (you can buy it at most arts and crafts stores or online) 2- Paint.  I like to use Tempera paint because…

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10 tips for the best yard in the neighborhood!

DIY healthy, green lawn care tips

These tips are to grow tall-fescue grass, tips for healthy, green lawn care (shared by my husband) … My husband and I have lived in three houses since our marriage in 2004. In each house, he has surprised me by taking our grass from awful to amazing. The grass looks green and he maintains it himself.

without spending a fortune!

How to save money on HEALTHY groceries

  Eating healthy is a desire for many of us, but high costs of fresh, organic and otherwise nutritious food deters most families from making it a reality.  In fact, a few weeks ago, there was a study that proved that people would make smarter food selections if more coupons were available for healthy food.  …

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obama in charlotte

President Obama & women’s work

I was very honored to be asked to meet President Barack Obama on Wednesday, April 15th.   (Ironic that it was tax day because we talked about taxes and wages!) As a blogger, I have been given so many amazing opportunities – meeting Lisa Ling, Jennifer Hudson and now President Obama.  To say that I…

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microwave cleaning hack

Microwave Cleaning hack

This microwave cleaning hack is my go-to way to clean our microwave.   I love finding easy ways to clean our kitchen.     I try to clean it as often as I can, because it really needs cleaned CONSTANTLY with six people in our family. It is VERY easy and you don’t really have to do a…

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Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 9.57.05 PM

Mom of 6 boys reaction to gender reveal

I can relate to this one.  We had three boys before we had our daughter.   I always knew that we wanted four children.  After three boys, I was pretty sure that we would just have a family of boys. I was so surprised (and excited) to find out that our fourth child was a…

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