5 spring cleaning tips

5 spring cleaning tips that you NEED to KNOW!

Here are 5 spring cleaning tips that you need to know (they make things so much easier!)  I love to talk about cleaning and keeping the house organized, but these 5 little steps will make a huge difference. 1- Start by de-cluttering your house.  You can’t clean or organize clutter.  Get rid of it. 2-…

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more kids less stress

How to de-stress – why having more kids is less stressful!

When I am out with the kids, I often hear people tell me “You are always so calm.” The first time that I heard it, we all laughed because if you knew me, you would know that I worry about things. I wanted to give you the reasons that I feel like I am less stressed now than I was when I only had one, two, or three kids:

easiest craft for toddlers

The Shamrock Easiest Craft for Toddlers

I have always enjoyed doing crafts with my little ones, especially this shamrock craft, because I love when holidays are involved. At the same time, I know how complex some of the crafts can become.

5 ways to reduce fever in baby

5 ways to reduce fever in your baby or toddler

Winters are tough around here! We have four kids and I think it is safe to say that one of them has a stuffy nose at all times, not to mention fevers, strep throat, ear infections or the flu! (Yes, we have had all of those this year) As soon as I feel our kids…

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