educational pumpkin activities

Learning With Pumpkins

Pumpkins are everywhere and learning with pumpkins is a great way to help your kids learn science, math, reading and more!  While they are a beautiful fall decoration, they also can be a wonderful tool for educating our kids. Even while carving the pumpkin as a family, you can be creative and learn together.  …

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winter ideas for the home

my favorite 15 winter home ideas

Here are my favorite 10 ways to get your home winter-ready… A soft blanket always does the trick- make it LOOK as cozy as it feels. (image source) 2. A pebble tray is an easy way to catch the snow or rain from your boots. Image Source Decorate your door – all winter long. Image…

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25 funniest Elf on the Shelf Ideas for boys

Elf on the Shelf Ideas for BOYS

** Hi there!  Before you start reading… I want to say that these ones are for boys or girls, but I have teamed up with some other bloggers and we split the list into three things (a boys, a girls and a “nice” elf.)  I hope that your find some awesome ones!  I have THREE BOYS…

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Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 11.38.26 PM

Parenting in two minutes

Parenting in two minutes… can it be done? Not a chance in the world! Just like I said in my post about how to Stop Doing that for Your kids, parenting takes time. Your kids aren’t going to listen the first time that they hear something or learn something new. It takes time and repetition…

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Our Fall Vacation to Myrtle Beach

A few weeks ago, we decided to take a quick four day trip to Myrtle Beach as part of a sponsored post.  We had a BLAST!   We stayed at Crown Reef Resort because of their awesome water-park, their new renovations and their affordable prices!   The water-park (three water slides) are all indoors in the fall…

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never before seen disney with kids tips

Never-before seen tips for Disney with kids

This was originally posted in February, but my friends are heading to Disney, so I wanted to bring it back up top for everyone heading to Disney this fall! This post has affiliate links for some of the best products!  We recently went to Disney.  The ages of the children with us were 7, 5, 4,…

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Save money on gifts

I wanted to share these 5 ways to save money this holiday season. You might know about these, or you might not, but either way, leave me your favorite tips, too! Shopping for gifts does NOT have to be stressful- these 5 tips are all about EASY SOLUTIONS TO SAVE YOU MONEY, TIME & STRESS!…

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Olaf Pumpkin

Olaf Pumpkin & a pin it party

Each week I pick a favorite pin from the week before and this week’s feature pin is an Olaf Pumpkin.   I always love what I find on Pam’s Party & Practical Tips. So cute- see more by clicking on the Olaf Pumpkin:    Now it is time to join the party with myself & my friends: Paula…

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in bed by 7:00

Why I put my kids to bed at 7

When a fellow blogger shared my post, someone had left the comment “Who puts their kid to bed between 6:00 & 7:00 pm?” … so today I wanted to tell you WHY I put our kids to bed between 6:00 and 7:00pm.

teach kids to be flexible

Teach kids to be flexible when plans change

It is important to teach kids to be flexible when plans change because they change… a lot.   We want to teach our kids to learn how to deal with it instead of just fixing things for them.   Be Flexible Yourself: First off- remember that your kids do as they see… if they see…

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what do your kids need from you

What do your kids need from you?

Every month or so, I will find a moment when it is just my child and I.  (We have four kids, so this one-on-one time is not as often as you might think).  I cherish those moments, just like I cherish the ones where we are together, as a family. When I find myself in…

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organizing kids clothes

Organizing Kid’s Closets

Organizing kids clothes can be a daunting task… but it can also be fun and it can be freeing to finish it!  Today we are talking about 5 tips for organizing and buying your children’s clothes, with the help of Garanimals!  Yesterday, I had to go through our four children’s closets and do “the switch”….

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How I gained an hour in your day {Time Hack}

I am always looking for ways to make my days have more time… because I just can’t get everything done in 24 hours.  Here are 5 ways that I have found to squeeze an extra hour out of the day… 1- Stay up an hour AFTER everyone else in your family. If you can do…

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