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I have to show you Beau’s new room, complete with a DIY wooden headboard with light & trundle (and a desk & shelf that you’ll love!)

So… a little background. Our house had this huge media room, which was great, but I really wanted each of the kids to have their own room. To make this happen, Mickey and my dad build closets in the media room and turned it into a big bedroom. We made this Beau’s room.

His room has been a hodge-podge of stuff over the years. Bunk beds, two twin beds side by side, two twin beds in an L shape, bunk beds and a twin… like I said, it has been everything.

The thing is, this room ends up being where everyone plays because it is big and Beau loves to build forts, so it has become known for that type of room (the fun room). It is also where sleepovers happen, because it is big. When my nephew stays the night, he sleeps in here, so we need that extra bed.

So, the problem is that this room drove me CRAZY!  It was the first room that I saw when I left my bedroom and it just looked so “un-put-together”.   So, I asked Mickey to start his woodworking magic.  He has such a talent for creating something from nothing.  He has always been this way ever since I’ve known him (in middle school!)  He just can create such amazing things, when I couldn’t even think of what to create.

Here is what he made for Beau’s room and I had to share it:
First, he created this headboard.  He bought wood and rounded the edges of each one and created this amazing headboard!  It has a built-in light, so Beau can sit and read before bed.  He stained it gray (the walls are a very light gray).

DIY headboard 1

DIY headboard 2
A close up of his bedding… 

DIY headboard 3

And he made it a trundle!  You just flip back the bottom panel and you can pull out a twin mattress.  To do this, he had to make a frame that would hold the current full bed on top (ps- we ordered the mattress from friends of ours that own this mattress store – they are wonderful if you need a mattress!)

DIY headboard 4

Next, we ordered this bedding from Beddy’s.  So- in case I forgot to mention it, Beau is awful about remembering to make his bed.  It was driving me batty, so I knew that for his ‘new room’, he needed a zip-up comforter.  I also knew that it had to be stylish and soft.   When we found this one from Beddy’s (called Game on Gray), we jumped on it because the inside is SO soft, it zips up easily and it looks very stylish.
Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.46.36 PM

So, after the bed was done, he decided to make a desk to match (yay!)
Here are some pictures of the bed (warning: Beau is pretty obsessed with all things Classic Cars, so be prepared for a huge wall of car pictures).
DIY headboard 6
Two lights make it easier for Beau to do his homework or projects (he is always creating something)

DIY headboard 7
Mickey build this side storage area to hold Beau’s projects…

DIY headboard 10
And he added a bulletin board for Beau to hang his special things.

DIY headboard 11
It is build from pipes, for a more industrial look:

DIY headboard 12

Mickey also made him this shelf, to hold the model cars that Beau has put together:

DIY headboard 13
And… instead of a night-light, we have this GIANT letter B (this is Ethan modeling to show me how big the “B” is… Beau was at school). 🙂
DIY headboard 14

All in all, I love the room so much and I now love looking at it when I walk out of my room in the morning – bed made (in about 10 seconds… as long as it takes him to zip a zipper) and the whole room looking great!


For more of Mickey’s projects, see below:
wall bed


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