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Here are some ways to Avoid winter clutter in the entryway.  Clutter always tends to build up in the entryway with shoes and coats, so keeping the entryway organized is a great way to welcome your family home!

avoid winter clutter in entryway

Winter is upon us, which marks the unpleasant return of the soggy boots, wet floors and sloshing dirty snow outside. The doorway is usually the space that suffers most from the chaotic pileup of muddy shoes, clothes and winter gear. Putting a bit of extra work, like regular cleaning in your entry area will allow you to deal with far less issues this winter. Plus you will avoid annoying tripping on the messy items every time you go in and out. The following tips will give you a couple of ideas you can use to make it happen:

  • Prevent the outdoor dirtunnamed

The doorway is a busy area with a lot of traffic. That is why you need to protect it against dirt coming from the outside. Surfaces will easily get slippery when wet, so you would still do well to keep things as dry and clean as possible. Mud trays, rugs and mats will give you an edge against it. The designs of the mats and rugs will vary, but you will still have all things under control with them. Give these fabrics a deep cleaning when necessary. In addition, always have slippers near the door. You will not be tempted to enter with the dirty shoes when you forgot something.

  • Keep a key hook or a basket

One thing we can agree upon is that entryway of a home is always filled with things – keys, purses, paperwork. Keeping a little hook or shelf by the front door makes it easy for you (and your visitors) to have a place to keep these little things.

  • Keep the clutter at bay
    entry 2

The entryway can easily get flooded with shopping bags, umbrellas, mails, newspaper, footwear and basically whatever comes to your home. If it’s not something that you will use immediately, you will probably leave it at the doorway for weeks. It is all a matter of habit. Make it an important part of your house cleaning routine. Try to put everything away as soon as you come in (remember whatever you don’t do now, you have to do it later anyway).

  • Organize

    If you have a hard times with de–cluttering, make your life easier with a few storage options. Shoe racks and wall hooks will save space. Hang bags and sportswear on wall pegs. Keep the seasonal items that you don’t currently use in a floor – level compartments and drawers. If you have smaller doorway, pick floor – to – ceiling cabinets that will visually enlarge the space. Organize the mail and magazines in different baskets in an open storage space.
  • Cubbies or a shoe rack for Everyone
    If you have huge and busy, it is better to make individual space for each one of them. In this way, you will save time looking for your stuff. Create zones for your kids and for you and your husband. In this way you will be more inclined to put everything at its proper space.   My husband build this mudroom bench and it has been wonderful!   You can find the instructions here: MUDROOM BENCH
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  1. Love that mudroom bench. Our entry is totally cluttered right now…I have boxes of Christmas decorations that I need hubby to cart down to the basement for me. He hasn’t gotten the hint yet. 😉

    1. haha!! I had my wreaths on the porch in a basket for like a week before I finally said “Can you PLEASE take these into the garage and put them on the loft?” 🙂