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So some of you know that we spent last week on a Disney Cruise and at Disney World in Orlando.   Well, Allie’s excitement about Elsa & Anna was only heightened after this meeting…

first picture

So we did a little digging, researching & e-mailing and here is what we learned about Frozen 2:
(remember that nothing is confirmed… just that these are the rumors that are circling)

Advertisement for Disney\'s Frozen 2.

1. Release date is said to be 2017 at the earliest, more likely to be 2018.

2- Prince Hans will be back, with a changed heart.

3- It will talk about second chances, like forgiving Prince Hans

4- Olaf will be back and he will fall in love.   (with either a human or another snowman).  This is going to be vital to the movie b/c it will introduce a new character (new merchandise to be sold)

5- Both Elsa & Anna will have new dresses (again- new merchandise)

6- The “big song” (like Let It Go of Frozen 1) will be sung by both girls.

7. Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel and Josh Gad will all be back.  “Should my phone ring, I will be there in a heartbeat,” said Bell.

8. The new villain is rumored to be a woman.

9. We get get a more inside look at Elsa.  In the first movie, we got to know Anna really well, but Elsa didn’t open up until the end.  It is said that in Frozen 2, she will be able to show us more of her personality from the beginning.

10. It will end with a positive message, just like the first Frozen!


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