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In case you haven’t realized it just yet, our kids love UnderArmour. When  Under Armour contacted me a few weeks ago to talk to you about their launch of School Uniforms on and at select Under Armour Factory House Stores… I knew that I had to say yes.

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Our son, Beau, has a lot of trouble wearing anything that isn’t very comfortable.  (read more about that here)  Fortunately, we found a brand that he loves… UnderArmour.


He said that all of their clothes are “soft” which is his way of saying comfortable. Uniform Bottoms have adjustable waistband and two-way stretch to provide you comfort when you are sitting in the classroom or playing at recess, which explains why he prefers to wear them.  


Ethan loved them because he said that it was short sleeved and felt “cool”, which is really because of the material (stain-resistant, I might add!) that it is made from:

(ps- look at that strawberry blonde hair from the summer sun!)

UA 1 e

Jack, our oldest, is SO excited to have these new UnderArmour Uniforms.  He literally could wear them every single day.  He has worn his shorts to church two weeks in a row and has swapped out shirt colors each week. Uniform Polos come in short and long sleeves, in colors glory blue, jet stream, red, and white. Boys Uniform Bottoms come in slim fit uniform chino shorts and pants. Both have hidden zippered technology side pockets.
UA 7

He would like to tell you to take note of his ‘Steph’ Curry Under Armour Shoes. 😉


And our sweetest-ever Allie B.   She’s modeling the Girl’s Uniform for you. 🙂   Girls Uniform Bottoms come in uniform skinny stretch Bermuda short, skinny stretch chino pant, and stretch twill skort (she wore the skort ALL day long at home today).


“Give us a little personality, Allie…” 😉

UA 2

Without further ado…  THEIR 5 picks for things that your kids will want this school year. 🙂


1-  Those uniforms!  Under Armour clothes are built to last.  My favorite part?  The logo is hidden once they tuck their shirts in.   The kids love that they have the UnderArmour Logo, but the teachers love that they can’t see any logos at all… fits the uniform policy. 🙂

group 2

2- A backpack that stands up to… well, kids!    This one is for Jack.  He picked this color to match his shoes.


3- Squeeze water bottles.  I couldn’t agree more!   

First off, if you have ever seen our kids, they are holding these in their hands.  They LOVE using them and I love them because they drink more water (and they are easy to find)

Most schools let your kids have a water bottle in class now, so these are our choice.

4- A place to keep notes.   

This is actually going to be our kid’s homework notepad.  As a teacher myself, I know that so many times the reason that my student’s didn’t bring their homework in was because they forgot what they had to do.  To solve that issue, I had them each buy a little notepad to keep in their desk.   A notebook like this is great.  I can see why the kids picked it, too.

5. Under Armour hats. He gets a more modern, athletic look with a higher crown, while the built-in HeatGear® sweatband keeps sweat away from his face to keep him cool and dry.  They’re perfect.

UA 11

So there you have it… the Mansfield’s picks for 2016-2017 school year.   🙂

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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