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I had to share the tech tote with you, because it is really a great little parenting hack!

Tech Tote - the best parenting hack for kids!

Most of you know that we have no-electronic weeks.  We have them because they are just a great way to ‘detox’ from screen time and connect as a family.   We also have our No-Screentime Until printables that keep the kids on track in the summer.  I love doing these type of things, just because it is a way to help the kids learn to prioritize their things, in a world where it is getting harder and harder to do.

Today,  I was reading the new Focus on the Family magazine on our back porch, while the kids were coloring… and I saw an idea that I just loved!    In the magazine, parents can submit little ideas that work in their house and the one that I came across today was perfect.   A mom (Kristi Rumsey) said that her 11 year old was struggling with her priorities, so they invented THE TECH TOTE. Her idea really hit the nail on the head.

It is just a medium-sized tote that they bought (you can find one here) and it hold’s their daughter’s electronics.   They keep her Mp3 player, video game controllers and other things (maybe an iPod, iPad or Kindle) in it.   If her grades are acceptable and she has finished all of her chores, she will receive the TECH TOTE on Friday when school is over.   If she didn’t finish these things during the week, she does not get access to her tote on the weekend.

The tech tote was an easy way to motivate the kids to be responsible without any argument.


kids not listening? try this

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