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It is almost time for another NO TECHNOLOGY WEEK – here is a quick look at why we do it, how it changes our kids & helps them to GET ALONG and stop sibling rivalry!

No technology week for kids

Technology- its great, right?  I use it for work.  My kids use it to learn.  Yep- its awesome, until its not.  They are using it more at home & more in school and I find that the more technology that they use, the more that our kids argue and get upset about things quickly.   Its true.  If your kids are arguing more… do what we do: a NO TECHNOLOGY WEEK.  You will see a HUGE change in just a few days!     

Let me tell you what I notice after our kids have been using technology: 
1- Imagination goes downhill
2- Rude attitudes & arguing go Uphill.
3- Listening goes downhill.
4- Not wanting to play with us goes uphill (When I say “Come on, guys!  Lets play football” and they say “No, thanks”, I know there is an issue that needs to be addressed.)
5- Not wanting to go in the car if they can’t have their iPods.  (I’m not exaggerating)

So, about a year ago, my husband and I started doing our No Technology Week… and I hope that I can sell you on its benefits today.  I promise you won’t look back after you’ve tried it!   With summer break here, it is time to put this into full effect again- this week!   Yes, we need to put the breaks on.   Our kids use technology as their ‘back up plan’.  If they don’t have something structured to do (if we aren’t at the pool or splash pad, etc…), then they are asking to watch TV or play on their iPods or the Kindle.

Here are our rules for this NO-TECH week:

  • No iPods at all.  No Kindle. Not even the Leapsters.
  • They can watch what we are watching, as a family (food network, HGTV, history channel) but they can’t watch cartoons, kid shows, etc… without us.  In other words, they won’t be watching anything unless we are all watching as a family.  My husband and I rarely have time to watch TV, so this is about 30 minutes a day.

Here is what we notice during our no-technology weeks:  (it takes time… )

Day 1- They are crabby, mad and just plain disrespectful.

Day 2- They beg to use electronics.  They are still mad.

Day 3- They are arguing MUCH less and playing much more (see picture below)

Day 4-  They still ask for their iPods, but it is not nearly as much.  They start connecting with us & each other more.  I am loving this!

Day 5- Reading is fun again.   Playing is fun again.  They are happier!  We are happier.  There is more PEACE in our home. 

Overall, they really start to use their time to have fun.  They start to use their time for arts (drawing) or playing pretend (superheros, knights…)

We love our no technology weeks, because when we aren’t connected to our electronics… we are connecting with each other!  When the week is over, you can reintroduce technology slowly – maybe 30 minutes a day tops!  I find that when the kids do go back to using their iPods, they usually want to do it together (so they will each get on mine craft & build together, showing each other and sharing with each other for their full thirty minutes).   They are so much closer after just a week!

If your child is being rude or disrespectful, I urge you to try this.  It will be hard at first (trust me!)  but your family will benefit from it!!   If your kids are arguing more, technology is a major source of the arguments, even if they don’t realize it.




Mickey and I were given Disney Circle as a gift and let me tell you that I LOVE it!  I had heard of it, but hadn’t really given it too much thought, but I can understand why everyone loves it now that we have it. It is a way for you to completely control what happens on your children’s devises from one device (and app).  It gives you a chance to keep them safe just a little bit longer.   That’s why I love it.  I am able to monitor exactly what is happening to avoid any inappropriate ads & websites to pop up in front of my young children’s eyes.
If you don’t know about Circle, watch this video (to see what it is). You can grab DISNEY CIRCLE with my affiliate link here

Ps- this means you, too!   Try to cut WAY back on technology during this time.  Lead by example.



Once you are done with your week, you can use this No Screentime Until Printable.   It encourages work & play before screen time.   Click here to have it emailed to you.

make each child feel important
60 screen free activities


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  1. We tried this for the first time a couple of weeks ago, at my son’s teacher’s urging. He did great. I definitely notice his behavior is worse the more screen time he has.

    1. Exactly!! That’s what we found. It is just such a huge difference.

  2. Exactly! When kids are deprived of technology they are ”forced” to discover once again the fun coming from outdoor activities, reading books etc. 🙂

  3. This is a great idea! We agree, as parents, we model the amount and frequency of our screen use, and kids are naturally interested in following. So when we as adults agree to a digital detox, the kids should more easily comply. What to do during this detox? Increase connection with each other, with nature, and consider working on projects that help others, or volunteer in your community. Our website (yes, screen time) offers lots of options which can be done offline.

  4. i feel like that we mostly spend more time with are divies then are kids right. and my kids always want me to play with them and i always tell them 1 minuets but is that realy we never do it eny way right

  5. A week without a “screen” is a wonderful idea. However it is impossible when kids go to school
    Many kids have their homework and all school learning materials on line today. It is impossible to limit them to a 30 minutes per day “screen” regiment

    1. Yes, I just do it at home… no “FUN” screen time (doesn’t include homework, etc…) 🙂

  6. Great point, it’s definitely important to use technology in a healthy and sensible way.