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  I’ve seen some of the most adorable ideas lately!   So many of these ideas have been picked up by my friends and neighbors.   I’ve loved the Stained Glass Sidewalk Chalk drawings and the Neighborhood Bear Hunts.   

Today’s idea comes from Jen Kleehamer, and I think it’s adorable!   It not only keeps the kids busy, but it boosts creativity, helps with fine motor skills, and makes a beautiful, inspiring picture for your family and neighbors to see every day.   

When they are done doing homeschool work or learning on one of these awesome free educational websites (for kids), this will be a fun activity for everyone to join in on!  

This activity is great because the kids can sit calmly and just focus on the task at hand.   This is a great way to relax and have some downtime with the kids.

While I love playing outside, maybe making a stained-glass drawing on the sidewalk or driveway with chalk, if you want to find an indoor activity (perhaps on a rainy day), this is it.  It is a screen-free activity, and it helps your kids to clear their minds.  

For this activity, you are using Chalk Markers (washable) to create beautiful pictures on the windows.   Jen’s family drew a cross on the window for everyone to see.  I love the heart in the center, as well! 

You can make a mosaic picture that looks like stained glass, or you can write inspirational messages for your neighbors or family. 

Stained-Glass with Chalk Markers 

To start, just create the shapes that you want by drawing an outline.  You could even draw the cross and let the kids draw the ‘puzzle pieces’ inside of the cross. 

Then let the kids color in the pieces, or write a message. 

Tip: If you want to have a border around each piece, or if your kids are younger, you may want to put some painter’s tape on the window in the design of your choosing.  Then, paint or draw your cross (you can draw on the tape).  When you are done, pull the tape off for a clean look. 

How to Prepare the Windows for Paint or Chalk:

Wash the windows in advance (you can use a regular glass cleaner) to allow your products to stick better. 

Before you start, make sure that you order the right kind of window chalk or window paint. 

Materials Appropriate for Windows

  • Washable chalk markers – we used Versa Chalk for this post! Chalkboard markers on a wooden table.
  • Crayola washable paints (I’ve heard that mixing it with a little bit of dish liquid works well, as it helps it to come off even easier once you are ready for your windows to be paint-free again.) 
  • Washable Expo Markers for Windows
    washable window markers

How to Remove Chalk Paint: 

If you used chalk makers, just wipe it off with warm soapy water or glass cleaner.  If you used something that is not coming off, follow these directions: 

  • The chalk will wash off easily with water.
  • Soak image with warm and soapy water.  
  • Let it sit for a few minutes. 
  • Wet again with warm soapy water 
  • If any of it does not come off, just scrape the chalk off with a putty knife. 

More Fun Painting Ideas: 

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