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Becoming a MOTHER actually ages you quicker (science proves it)
Being a MOTHER ages you quicker (science proves it)

Last week, I woke up and looked in the mirror.  “Oh my gosh- What happened to me that I look this tired even after sleeping all night?”   I asked my husband, half-jokingly.

His reply: “Four Kids.”

Turns out… he’s right.  I just read a study from the National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey that shows that the cells of women who have given birth have aged significantly.

⇒According to the Oxford University Press, Anna Pollack and her team of researchers studied the survey and found that having children might age mothers, at a cellular level, by as much as 11 years! 

Not to worry!  There are ways to combat this aging. 🙂

1- Ask for help
Researchers found that the more children a woman had, the more she had support from her friends, family, and community.  This support lowers her stress, which slows the aging process. Another benefit is that if you enjoy spending time with your family, and you laugh with your children, you will lower your stress in this way, too.   

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2- Buy NeoCell Super Collagen + C
If you want to look as young as you feel, you need to take care of yourself.  I have heard so much about the benefits of taking the NeoCell Super Collagen™ + C.  NeoCell is a leading Collagen Brand. In fact, they are an award-winning brand. Not only does it support healthy hair and nails, but it also promotes radiant, youthful skin.   Of course, I tested this by taking NeoCell Super Collagen + C before suggesting it, and I’ve seen a big improvement in my hair, nails & skin. Buy NeoCell Super Collagen + C at Sam’s Club Today!
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3. Get up and move
“Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV, and is more treacherous than parachuting. We are sitting ourselves to death,” – James Levine, professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic.
Study after study prove that moving not only helps us to feel younger but also to look younger.

4.  Boost your Vitamin C levels
“But as you age, the cheeks deflate, and with gravity, fat moves down. Your body makes less collagen, and the collagen it does make is less elastic, which means your skin becomes less thick, less firm. Your bones thin, which causes the cheekbones to shrink further. Excess skin moves to the jaw.

But as you age, the cheeks deflate, and with gravity, fat moves down. Your body makes less collagen, and the collagen it does make is less elastic, which means your skin becomes less thick, less firm.

Your body will continue to produce collagen throughout your life, but the manufacturing process slows down with age and lack of maintenance.

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Improve your skin from the inside out, i.e., stimulating the body to make more collagen by filling micronutrient gaps like vitamin C and essential fatty acids. This strategy helps boost the collagen-producing skin fibroblasts to make more collagen.” – Dr. Sara Gottfriend, author of Younger.

Taking NeoCell Super Collagen + C is a great way to get both your collagen and your Vitamin C.
A bottle of Collegen C on a table the a plate of bananas behind it.I suggest stopping by Sam’s Club to
Buy NeoCell Super Collagen + C to get a jump start on your health!

5. Drink Your H20 & eat fruits with a high water content
As a girl who did not drink much water for years, I’ve found that now that I am drinking water, my skin has looked so much different.  I am using less makeup and my skin has more of a natural glow. I have more energy, too.

Two people standing at a kitchen counter preparing food.
A win-win!

And… while being a mother might age you quicker… it is worth every single second!


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