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To demonstrate how easy it is to make any home a smart home, we’ve teamed up with Leviton as part of their “Automation for All” campaign.  

There is something to be said for peace of mind. One of the biggest worries about being away during the summer is always the “what if” happening back at home. This is especially important for my family since we have both a vacation home and our home in Mooresville.

What if someone finds out you are gone?
What if you left something plugged in?
What if something happens to your house while you’re away?

I have found that by turning both of our homes into smart homes, the “what if’s” are gone.

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With the benefits of Leviton’s Decora Smart lighting controls, when I am away for the summer, I am confident that our house is safe and secure. I know that I can be in control of our house from anywhere in the world.

5 Reasons To Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home:

1. It’s Easy:
It’s easier than ever before to implement smart home technology into your home.  Between the many apps and devices that we have available on a daily basis, technology has become ingrained in our lives. As a homeowner, Leviton’s Decora Smart products give my family the power of home automation.

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2. Lights On at Night:
Preparing for a trip is no longer stressful because I feel secure knowing that my house will be extra safe when I am away. I have the capability of turning lights and even small appliances on and off with the touch of a button…even when I’m on vacation hundreds of miles away.   

When 8:00 p.m. comes and I want to turn on my laundry room light or the porch light, to give the illusion of still being home, I can do it with the touch of my phone or create a daily schedule for lights to come on or turn off – all through the My Leviton app.

3. Enjoy Yourself:  
When I’m on a bike ride with our kids, I’m not worried about if I left anything on at home (like the iron that I used right before we left that morning), because I know that I can turn it off from anywhere. This allows me to get back to what matters, my family.

4. Let Yourself Be Lazy:
I hate being lazy. I hate not doing something, but when I am on vacation, I give myself that time off. I sit and read a book at night or watch a show with our family. When I am cuddled up with four kids and one of them tells me that they are hot or cold, I don’t have to get up to turn the fan on or off, I just touch a button in the app. Cuddles remain intact.

5. It’s Reliable:
Leviton’s high-quality, safe and reliable products are easy to install and add long-term value to your home – Leviton has been proving this for over 100 years. Leviton has given us the ability to install Decora Smart products in our house and in our vacation home to give us the best possible safety features. We know that we are in control of the house, even when we are away. It’s a great feeling to have added security on your side. Now you can truly enjoy your vacation… as it should be.

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  1. I love that there are products like this that keep your house safe! Thanks for sharing.