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Today we are talking about Potty Training Boys  This post today is a snippet taken from my ebook, Potty Train in a weekend.

potty train boys

I trained three little boys and a little girl.   Our boys were all under the age of two when they were trained and I really enjoyed having them trained early.  Our daughter was the oldest, at 23 months, when she was trained.  (She was hard to train!) 

I love those teeny tiny underwear and I love those great big proud smiles when they wear them!   It is easier to go out and it is easier to do just about everything when you aren’t changing diapers or carrying diapers around. I have taught them all using my own book (here is a freebie from my book, just for you…)

I have heard people say that boys are hard to train, but that just wasn’t the case for us.  They were so much easier than our daughter!  I just watched for potty training toddler readiness signs.  When I saw them, I jumped on board & away we went.

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I have taught all three of our boys to pee sitting down using a training potty (you can grab my training potty comparison chart here).

Why?  The main reason that I chose this method was to enable them to have more success at such a young age, because they could not reach the potty without my help.   I wanted them to become independent ‘potty-users’, so if they had to depend on me to hold them steady while they used a stool to reach the big potty, there would have been many accidents while waiting for me.

I let them use their little training potty and they could do this on their own.  Trust me when I say that peeing, standing up, into a tiny training potty is NOT a good solution… wow… can you say MESS?  Although they do make those little urinals– that would be a good solution if you wanted them to stand.

Second, I did not know when they had to pee or poop, so if they were sitting, they could both.  When they are tall enough to reach the REAL potty (or use a stool, safely, on their own)- usually around age      2 1/2 or 3 in our house, I would transition them to standing.


1- Do NOT let them hold themselves (their private area) when they are peeing!
Boys tend do this because they think that they should “aim,” but this causes them to “aim” all over the place!  They are not good at aiming at this age (if they can’t color inside of the lines, what makes us think that they can pee inside of the toilet?) haha!   Ok- well, MINE aren’t good at coloring inside of the lines… or peeing inside of the toilet at the age of 20 months, so they pee on walls.  If they DON’T try to hold themselves and aim, and if they just stand there, the stream of urine just naturally just goes into the potty.

2- How do you know when they are READY to stand? 
My husband heard this and shared it with me.
One man said “It isn’t manly to teach kids to sit to pee.”
The other guy said “Is it more manly to teach them to sit or to have them on their hands and knees cleaning up pee?”
To tell if they are ready to pee standing, line the floor around the toilet with newspaper and have them pee normally.   See how much urine actually goes onto the floor.   

3- When we are out in a restaurant, they have to either sit (on a toilet-paper lined seat) or they can stand on my feet (to get some added height).  I don’t want any part of them touching those filthy toilets!

I hope that you found that to be helpful!

You can find out more with the purchase my e-book.  It will give you a very detailed look into exactly how I potty trained each of our kids in three days or less, before they turned two.

potty train in a weekend

Good luck!!



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  1. Now I am going to ddo my breakfast, aftyerward having my breakfast coming over again too read other news.

    Loook into my site … Potty Training for Girl

  2. Well, our older son pees rather horizontal when not aiming. Even when sitting down it helps to have a piece of paper as a little “roof” just in case…I’m so happy his teacher came up with the idea! The younger one seem to have a more “downward angle”.

  3. That is a great tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere.
    Short but very precise info… Appreciate your sharing
    this one. A must read article!

  4. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get my little boy to poop in the toilet? We have been trying for months and there is no progress. He is mostly potty trained with the exception of overnights…I am open to suggestions.

    1. Have you tried putting toilet paper down first so it doesn’t splash?

      My niece refused to poo in the toilet because it was scary… Because it splashed her bum!