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I’m often asked about which toilet I consider to be the best potty training toilet for children. I don’t know that there is one single best option, but picking the right seat is really important to potty training. I talk more about picking the right seat in my ebook, Potty Train in a weekend, but I will share a little information from that section of the book here today because this is an important part of potty training.

If you read my previous post about how to potty train in 3 days you will know that this is an important step in preparing to toilet-train your child because it can make things easier or harder for your child.  It will get them excited to start and help them along the way.

Speaking of getting them excited, be sure you grab my free Potty Training Coloring Packet to print and have on hand for when you bring your potty home. This is a great tool to build excitement and understanding about the potty. Plus signing up for this puts you on my email list where you’ll get more tips and trips to help you out!

I potty trained each of our three sons and our daughter before they turned two (in the 20-month range).  I have found this to be a really effective, quick, and exciting way to potty train children, for both you and your child.  They are so proud of themselves when they are trained and wearing their “big kid” underwear and we don’t “drag it on”, which works for both of us!  It fosters more independence which boosts their confidence and their self-esteem. It also saves a lot of money on diapers, as I mention in my post how to be a stay at home mom on one income.


So, today we are going to explore the best potty training toilet for your child.

A close up of text with a variety of styles of potty chairs at the top and bottom.

As I stated in my book, Potty Train in a Weekend, there are many potty chairs (training toilets) to choose from whether you decide to potty train slowly or potty train in 3 days.

I picked out the potty seats for our kids, but you may want to take your child with you to let him/her pick out a chair that they like.  Our seat of choice was the Baby Bjorn training toilet because they were small and our kids are very petite (I am only 4’11). If you are training a young child, a smaller chair might be a better fit for you, as well.  Here is the one that we have:


best toilet training seat


We keep on toilet upstairs that looks like a frog. A friend had recommended it, and our kids liked that one, too.


One main reason that I prefer the smaller chairs that sit independently on the floor, instead of the insert that goes on top the big toilet seat, because when they have a bowel movement, they will push their feet on the ground, using their feet to brace themselves to push down.  A small training toilet allows your child’s feet touch the floor (Tip: if you do prefer an insert, put a sturdy stool in front of the toilet so they can still use their feet to brace down)


The downside of the independent toilet seat is that you will have to do the potty-dumping/wiping out/ cleaning after each bowel movement or each time that they urinate, whereas a child that uses the big potty has less mess.  


With that being said, we had the seat insert and I found it to be a HORRIBLE mess!  Urine would get inside of it and would be impossible to get out (in between the cushion and the plastic).  It was also a mess because if they would get urine on it, it inevitably dripped from the insert onto the toilet and onto the floor. Yuck!


My friend, Jill, liked the kind that sits right on the (big) toilet seat for when her family is out to eat, shopping or traveling.  She had a fold-up seat that she would keep in a large plastic bag, inside of her diaper bag. She relied on it for restaurants and trips, instead of lining the seats with toilet paper.

Baby Bjorn makes a really tiny ‘travel potty’ that we keep in the car for those little emergencies, but there are some cool ones on the market specifically for potty training on-the-go and I’ll list some of those in the options below. Also, check out my post on Potty training when you are out.


If you are interested in more about potty training, I highly recommend that you read my ebook Potty Train in a Weekend.  I will also offer personal support through e-mail when you purchase the book- or you can always message me via Facebook.

Potty Train in a Weekend

Good luck!

Leave your favorite toilet training seats in the comments section for everyone to see- we are always learning from each other. Here are my top ones, by category…

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Best Potty Training Urinal… 

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Best Potty Training Underwear…

Best Potty Training for Travel…

A close up of text with a variety of styles of potty chairs at the top and bottom.

best potty training toilet

Here are some more posts in my potty training series that you might find helpful:

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  1. It’s necessary to get potty training for your child. After a period of using potty chair it’s time to move them to potty seat. But it’s difficult to choose the right one that suit your child. A potty seat is a plastic seat that fits over the general toilet seat to make the opening smaller. This helps your child get settled and abstain from feeling like he or she is going to fall in.

  2. Hello, I have read your whole article and I have something to say. For my child best was Nickelodeon Paw Patrol “Calling All Pups” Soft Potty Seat. Because the design of the seat is lacking. I love the gray pee guard, however, if he misses it in any way, the pee trickles underneath the soft, blue seat and in-between the seat and the red frame that holds it. I have had to take the seat apart multiple times to rinse it and then dry it. It’s not hard, but just a PIA. Potty training is hard as it is – I wish the subpar design of this seat didn’t make it even harder.

    Thank you

  3. Thanks for this amazing post. This is almost new one for me. I truly appreciate the majority of the info you share about Best Potty Training Toilet. It is necessary to obtain potty training for your young one.

  4. Cute suggestions. I love them all, I just hope my daughter will think that they are just as cute.