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 Today I’m joining Your Modern Family to show you How to Organize Your Pantry.  It can be a daunting task, but tackle it today because it will be well worth it when you are finished!  An Organized Kitchen sets the tone for the house.

how to organize your pantry

My pantry was disorganized and hard to find anything.

There were chip bags everywhere, empty cracker boxes that I thought were full but were empty and things falling through the wire all the time.

So I decided to get my pantry organized with canisters and chalkboard labels. I use plastic canisters and chalkboard labels but you can use any type of label.

I advise plastic canisters instead of glass for obvious reasons. I put the back row of canisters up on a wooden board so I can fit the second row in front and still see the labels.

organize pantry

Almost everything goes into a canister:  Crackers, cookies, sugar, flour, pasta etc.

It takes a bit more time to place everything into a canister when you get home from shopping but it is worth it. Now I can see exactly how much of an item I have left.

For spices, I use a tiered shelf and place it on a piece of cardboard to prevent from tipping on the wire shelves.

pantry shelves

Before, I would just assume that if there was a bag of flour in the pantry, it actually had flour in it. Not always the case in our house. I’m not naming names but a certain someone would put empty boxes and bags back on the shelf and not let me know when we were out of an item.

That’s where my chalkboard comes in handy. I hung this on the outside of my pantry door write down the items that are running low so we don’t forget to buy them on our next trip to the store.

pantry chalkboard

In addition to the canisters, I use an over the door shoe holder for small packets and items that easily slip through the wire shelves.

pantry organization

The top shelf is used for items that are used only once in a while it for extra items if I buy in bulk.


The bottom of the pantry is used for items such as paper towels, big jugs of vinegar and oil and also for my baking supplies.

I put all my baking supplies (sprinkles, cupcake liners, food coloring) into a plastic tub for easy access.

The cookie cutters get their own plastic tub as well. I love how my newly organized pantry functions!  It just makes the day to day … easier!


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  1. I love these ideas! I have often wondered if it would be worth the effort to put everything into containers with labels and it looks like it is working well for you! The cardboard under the spices is a great one too, as I have often wrestled with that uneven wire surface! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know- that’s always a hard one, so this is an easy solution (the wire shelves) 🙂

  2. I’m really motivated to do this and I’ve been using Tupperware or other plastic containers for 20 years. Now in a new house with my first ever pantry, I’m considering converting to glass containers especially since my kids are older now.

  3. Great hints and tips. I’ve got clear containers that every spice but etc will have a neat place. I like the clear shoe bag for those packets. Great ideal for kool aid and drink crystal packets. Thanks for sharing.