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Last week, I was standing in line at our local grocery store (here is how I save money at the grocery store) and I was flipping through one of the many decorating magazines that are in the checkout line.  I can’t even remember the magazines to share with you, because I just flip through whatever is there.  I came across an article with a bunch of great ideas for wrapping gifts and one of them was how to embroider presents instead of using a tag.  I loved it and decided to take it a step further and embroider my gift bags, too.   I am sharing a few of the ones that I embroidered with you today with the steps that I took to do it.

It does take longer than just throwing a tag on your gift, but it looks so much more personal and beautiful!


  • Yarn
  • Packaging paper or really any paper will work
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tape (to wrap your gift)

Step one:
Wrap your gift or get your gift bag ready and get all of your materials ready.  Plug in your hot glue gun.

Step two:
Decide if you want to use JUST one letter, their initials or their whole name.

Step three:
Write it out in pencil first – you will hide this with your yarn.
How to embroider presents
Step four:
Line by line, add hot glue and immediately add the yarn.   The first time around, I made the mistake of putting the glue on the whole letter, but by the time that I got to the end of the letter (adding the yarn), the glue had dried & turned cold.  I had to use glue over glue and it didn’t look as nice as I had hoped.  Slow & Steady…
A gift wrapped for Christmas with text above it.
Tip: I left the yarn longer because it made it easier to use.  After I was finished, I used our baby’s nail clippers to cut the yarn (when it was dry) on each letter.   It was too hard to get close with scissors, so the baby nail clippers were easier.

That’s it- your project is done! 🙂

How to embroider presentsHere are a lot of other Christmas Ideas that you might like!

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  1. Oh WOW! I love this idea! I like to disguise my handwriting for some of the “special” gifts under the tree– This is just the ticket! Doesn’t this remind you of something Mrs. Clause and her team of elves would do?

    1. 🙂 yes!! I love that, too. That didn’t even dawn on me, but that’s such a great idea!! I’ll have to make a pin-worthy image for that idea. 🙂 Great thinking, Jessica! 🙂