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When I taught elementary school, I had one particular student who did not adjust well after returning from a school break. He had a hard time overcoming his worries about coming back to school.  On his first day back after the break, I could see that he had lost a little bit of that “I can do it” confidence that he had held just a few weeks prior.

He was worried and stressed, and it always impacted him both mentally and physically. Today I’m working with DocuSol® Kids to share ideas to help kids overcome their worries and replace it with confidence.

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An anxious feeling can present a lot of other ‘symptoms.’ When our children are worried, they might get a stomach ache, feel tired, act grumpy or not feel like themselves. As a therapist, I’ve worked with many other families dealing with these things, as well.

I have been reading more and more studies about “gut health” and how so much of how we feel and how we act is related to what is going on inside of our bodies. From the foods that we eat to the liquids that we drink- they all play such a significant role on the rest of our body. Stress is a huge factor in the way that we feel.

It can leave us feeling like we have a weight on our shoulders… and for many children, it can leave them with upset tummies or even with childhood constipation. So many of the parents I’ve talked to or worked with have tried purchasing over-the-counter medications that can take hours (or days) to provide relief.

 DocuSol® Kids is different because it is designed for general immediate constipation relief (within 15 minutes), so kids aren’t waiting overnight to feel better.

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*DocuSol® Kids is safe and effective for Children 2-12.  It can help them feel better quickly.  (A snuggle with Molly, the giraffe, can’t hurt, either.) 😉

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More Tips To Help Your Child Overcome Worries & GAIN Confidence.

Helping kids overcome their worries & gain confidence

  1. Exercise

Exercise is not only good for your body, but it can get rid of those worries. Let your child play on the playground, jump rope, do yoga, dance, play tag, ride a bike or let them do anything else they enjoy doing that is physically active. Exercising can release endorphins, making kids (and adults) feel happier, and it can help you to remain calm and lessen those worries.

  1. Let your child make choices.

Give your child choices, not hard ones, just choices that they can make on a daily basis. “Which of these TWO outfits do you want to wear tomorrow?” “Which cereal do you want to eat?” “Do you want milk or water with your dinner?”   Letting them make choices helps them feel more in control, which can reduce stress.

  1. Let them take chances.

Let them see that falling on the ground wasn’t so awful. I know, from experience, that when I guard our kids too much, I create unnecessary fear in them. (ex: By saying “Watch out! A bee!” it led to our oldest child being terrified of bees for years. It has calmed down now that I have calmed down… but take it from me… kids feed off of your fear!)

  1. Write down your worries

Let your child write down all of their worries and talk about each one and how you can make them better.  Then talk about how each of them has a solution.   Keep the paper and look at it a week later.  See which of the fears actually happened and which ones were just worries that didn’t deserve all of the attention they were given.

  1.  Lead by example.

The best thing that we can do is to SHOW our kids.

When something is on my mind or making me worry, I talk about it out loud and talk about how I will deal with it…  Letting the kids see me dealing with it is a great way to teach them to handle their own stresses.  They can see that it doesn’t overpower me, but that I can handle it and move on.

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This post was sponsored by DocuSol® Kids.

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