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Did you start with yesterday’s post on setting a vision for your goals?

Let me start off by saying this:
Getting Fit doesn’t mean that you have to have a thin body.  Getting Fit means that you are going to do what you can to better your health.   Working out is not only good for your physical image on the outside, but the pros of working out are through the roof.

I don’t take it lightly when I think about the benefits of exercise.

My Grandma started exercising when she was 40.  (She did not work out before 40).  Here she is, in her 70’s, holding our second son.  (She always did have a special place in her heart for him.  She said that he was just like her.)
A woman holding a baby on a porch swing.
When she was 75 years old, she was still biking ten miles a day, easily.   It was nothing for her to bike around Hilton Head Island, for hours.   She had so few miles on her car that it looked like it had barely been driven, until my grandfather became ill with cancer and she had to start taking him to appointments.   She biked to the grocery store, to the market, to friend’s houses, she even biked to meet friends to play tennis!  (Ps- she also had a gym membership at what she called “the club”.   I loved it there!
Here is the view that you 
would see through “the club” windows 

Then again, how could you pass up working out HERE every day? 
why working out is so important (for more reasons that we think)

I have always tried to be conscious of my health.  In high school, I would wake up at 6:00 am and run through our neighborhood or I would do Tae Bo in the basement with my Mom.   I would take a jog after school with my brother, probably passing my Dad along the way (he ran every single day).   I come from a long line of exercisers and I want our kids to follow in our footsteps.  (My husband was the same way- he played football, basketball, ran track, etc…)

Now, I want to exercise FOR MY KIDS.

  • I want them to see that being healthy is a way of life and being sedentary is not.
  • I want them to live long enough to see their grandkids grow up, like my grandparents were able to see us (and even their great grandchildren)
  • I want them to understand that you CAN change your life.   It doesn’t all come down to genetics.  You can help yourself.
  • I want them to have the energy to keep up with their sports, because this is where a lot of socialization happens and this is where hard work is often learned.
  • I want to have the energy, myself, to play with them!  Keeping myself in shape is important to do this.

I want them to be happy!  (EXERCISE RAISES ENDORPHINS … AND MAKES YOU FEEL HAPPIER!) Here are FIVE tips on how I keep our kids active:
ways to get your kids more activeFor winter tips, see this one: Cold weather fitness for children and parents
I’m sure you get the idea.  It is important.

I wanted to share this post today because I didn’t want to miss this sale.  Right now, Bundle of the Week, is having their Get Fit in 2014 bundle.

  • What this means is that if you CLICK HERE, you will be taken to the Bundle of the Week Page.   On that page, you can buy each of these 5 programs together, for a lower price, this week only.   Normally, each program costs a set amount (from $2 to $70) but when you buy them as a group bundle in the package that they have this week, they sell them for a total of $7.40 for all 5 items – saving you over a hundred dollars.  (even just getting the cookbook is a great deal, not to mention the apps or online workouts that you will have access to). 

Do you work out?  Whats stopping you?  (ps- if its “not enough time” that is stopping you, I can TOTALLY relate!! haha!)  

Hi there!

I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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