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Grandparents are always fun to buy for, but even more fun to make a gift for – because they always love the handmade gifts the most!

grandparent gift ideas

 Grandparent Gift Idea: 

1- I love the idea of these DIY photo coasters.  I made these for my parents and my in-laws two years ago.  It is so easy and very affordable!   You just use modge-podge under and over the photos to glue them to the coasters.    They have held up very nicely over the years, as well!

2-  My wooden birthday calendar is always a welcomed gift!   It is versatile, too, so you could change it for each grandparent (maternal or paternal side of the family!) You can change it with the years, adding new births or spouses along the way!

3- This Grandparent sign with the grandkid’s photos hanging off of them is so fun an easy!   I think it could be made in under twenty minutes and look adorable!  You could customize it to match a certain room in their house, as well.   This vintage-looking display is  also beautiful!  It just depends on the look that you are going for- modern or vintage.

4-  One of my favorite gift ideas is this photo clock that you make!  It is absolutely adorable and I plan on making it this year (I am definitely going to make an extra one for our house, as well!)

5- DNA kit from 
This is such a fun gift!  Give them the gift of their past.

6-  A photo like this one is adorable!  You could put the kids and grandkids in this…

Grandparent gift ideas:

7.  If Grandma or Great-Grandma like to bake, this handprint apron will be perfect!  It won’t take any time at all to make it- you just need to gather the kids to get their paint-handprints and make the adorable apron!  I would give this gift with a few little baking items, maybe a new cake pan and spatula.

8. Ornaments are always a hit!   I love hand-print ornaments, like these salt dough ones!   I would write the name and date on the back, so when they look back on it next year, they will know just who made it and when it was made.  (You could write their age on it, too.)

9- This I LOVE YOU pillowcase is sure to be a hit when your kids are writing it!   I would pair this with some great pajamas for grandma and some comfortable slippers for grandpa!   (The handwriting is so cute at this age!)  Ps- I would add the date on the back of the pillow case.

10- The idea of their house on a little printed pillow is just so sweet.  I think this would be equally as adorable with pictures of their grandkids or even pictures of themselves as children!

11- This LOVE frame is so easy to make and you could update it each year to keep it current.  It is inexpensive and so sweet.  Plus, you can save the letters to reuse them every year.

12- (bonus) – this DIY handprint flower painting is a new favorite. handprint flower painting





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