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This DIY handprint flower painting is perfect for Mother’s Day!   I have a 18 other Mother’s Day ideas for under $5, but this one is probably my favorite.


Here is what you need:
1- A canvas (you can buy it at most arts and crafts stores or online)
2- Paint.  I like to use Tempera paint because it is fast-drying and it cleans up pretty easily.
3- Paintbrush (for the grass)
flower 3

To make the grass, simply brush up with your paintbrush, lifting off at the top.   To make the leaves, use your finger.  The handprints are the most fun!   You can either have one child do all of the handprints, or you can have each child do a different color.  If you are giving this as a gift to a grandparent or to hang in your living room, office, bedroom… it might be fun to have each child do a separate color.  (You could even get mom & dad involved on this one!)
DIY Handprint Flower Painting

A few other ideas:
Make the sun with a paintbrush and use your fingertip to draw the rays of sun.   This would be a another fun way extension to this activity.   You could also make clouds with white or blue paint.  Let your child make a fist and turn their hand sideways.   It will make perfect clouds because of the creases in their hands and it is adorable!

diy handprint flower painting

For the name & year, you can either use a sharpie or a paintbrush, or even let them write it themselves with black paint.  (remember that if you write it on the back, it might come through to the front).
flower 2
I hope that you liked this as much as I loved sharing it.  The best gifts are from the heart, not from the store. 


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  1. This Mother’s Day painting idea is awesome, Becky! Thanks for sharing with us! Although Mother’s Day has already passed, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to do this for Father’s Day. My husband loves our children, and I think he’ll be very excited to have my kids’ hand prints.

    Lily de Grey |