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Mickey and I were talking the other day about how we wish we could find more fun games to play with kids, because our kids love to play games for their special night.   Here are 14 games to connect with your kids (some are imagination games and others are board games):

games to play with kids

This post contains affiliate links.

1- That one where you blindfold everyone, but you pick something for them to taste.  (ex: a spoonful of peanut butter).  They all try a bite and then they take off their blindfold, write their guess and then we say if they were right or not.

2- Guess what’s in the bag. ¬†Blindfold the kids and let them reach in a brown paper bag, where you have a fun object (maybe a seashell or a necklace) and they have to do the same thing: guessing what it is.

3-Hotter/colder. ¬†The game where you hid an object and you do “hot” when they get closer and “Cold” when they get further from it.

4- Charades.

5- Guess who I am?  Act like a person in your family (or extended family) and everyone guesses who you are by the WAY THAT YOU TALK.

6- Pick somewhere on a map that everyone wants to go. ¬†For each person in the house, you research it. ¬†Spend 10 minutes on each person’s place, finding out fun things and seeing it in real time (Google World does this, I think? ¬†Correct me if I’m wrong)

7- Write stories together.  Type them out as each person gives a new line.  (take turns).


Now if you are looking for BOARD games… these are our favorites:¬†

1- Clue – yes, I love clue. ¬†I have loved this one since I was little (Mickey can’t stand playing it, but that’s ok- he puts a smile on his face anyway! haha!)

2- Headbandz – the kids love this one!

3- Jenga Рthis one is fun (and it tests your patience!)

4- Don’t Break the Ice – this is one of my favorites from my childhood and the kids love it!

5– Monopoly Junior – I’m going to be upfront to say that I do not like Monopoly. ¬†I just never did. ¬†Maybe it was because my brother was so much better than me and I never won, but I don’t like to play it at all. ¬† The kids love it, so they will play it and I’ll just hang out with them to help.

6- Life or Life Junior  Рwe all like this one.

7- Disney Scene It РThis is another one that I love.  I think the kids and I could play it for hours on end!

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