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Last week, Mickey and I took the kids to Hilton Head for a week-long beach trip. It was fun (as always) but he laughed at the number of bags that I brought along. I had a bag ready for every occasion.

However… as much as he laughed, he used what I had in the bags (Mickey is always really prepared!). So we decided that I should share them here, because it is SO NICE to have these bags ready to go. I literally pack up my bags and keep then in my closet, then I grab whichever bag I need, when I need it. Simple.

Today, I am teaming up with OFF!® repellents to share these bags… (the many bags of motherhood), along with some great tips to keep the bugs off since we (moms) are ALWAYS on!

Like sunscreen, repellent is a standard tool in our house and the houses of my friends. We are the Always-On Moms, because we never stop wanting to protect our families! OFF!® delivers peace of mind for the busy, creative, and unabashedly motherly Always-On Mom… like you & me!

1- Beach bag/Pool bag
In this bag I keep towels, bathing suits, sunscreen and OFF!® personal repellent. I also keep 4 goggles (our kids think that you can ONLY swim if you have goggles) 🙂 Remember that if you are swimming in your own pool at home, be sure to remove mosquito-breeding habitats: eliminate standing water around your home where certain species of mosquitoes can breed. Dump collected water at least twice a week. We take everything out of the pool bag to dry when we get home. Those little buckets, shovels and pool toys filled with water are the perfect place for insects to breed.

A duffel bag filled with children\'s items.

2- Errand-running bag.
This is the bag that I use when I know that I have errands to run and will be out for a while. This bag has two notebooks and pens, to keep our family busy. It has sanitizing hand wipes and it has an extra phone charger. I also keep OFF!® personal repellent in case we end up stopping somewhere and spending time outside (our family loves to find little trails in the woods at the college nearby, so this is a must).

A hard sided bag filled with children\'s items.

3- Playdate Bag
This bag is my favorite one. I keep it in the car. It is a backpack that has hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, long-sleeved shirts for our kids, because if end up playing inside (ex: bowling), they are always so cold.

We keep OFF!® Personal Repellent in the bag (in case we eat outside, which we usually choose if it is an option). Many insects, including adult female mosquitoes, are attracted to people by the odor of the carbon dioxide (CO2) gas that they exhale. The OFF!® active ingredients affect the scent receptors in biting insects, making it difficult for them to recognize humans as a source of food… OFF!® Personal Repellent is the perfect way to keep them away when we are trying to enjoy our own meals!

A back pack opened to show numerous items inside.

4- Bike Bag.
We go biking all of the time, so we like to keep these mini-bags on our bike. They velcro on and we can keep them full of things that we might need while we are biking. Ours has a bike lock, sun screen, OFF!® personal repellent, antibacterial spray for cuts and bandages (just in case).

A small soft sided lunch box filled with a variety of items.

5- Sports Bag
This bag is packed and ready to go for whatever season we are in. Right now we are in the beginning of football, so it has cones, footballs, spikes and OFF!® personal repellent. As soon as my husband steps onto the field to coach, the insects find him!

Ps- Remember when getting your family ready for sports practice or a game to dress to deflect: mosquitoes care what you wear, so dress in lightweight, light-colored fabrics and cover up by wearing long sleeves when you can, pants and socks. When you sweat during sports, make sure to reapply insect repellent according to label instructions.

A gym bag filled with sports equipment.

OFF!® personal repellent products have trusted and effective active ingredients including DEET and Picaridin.

We use products with DEET because it has been studied extensively and is among the most widely used active ingredients in personal repellents. It is registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is approved for direct application to the skin when used according to label instructions.

Find more information about mosquito-fighting solutions from OFF!® by visiting or checking out their Facebook page. In the meantime, here are a few great tips from the makers of OFF!® Personal Repellent:

Form the First Line of Defense by Applying OFF!® Personal Repellent

  1. Protect Yourself: Mosquitoes don’t just bite at dawn and dusk. To get the most out of all outdoor activities, be sure to apply OFF!® DEET-based personal mosquito repellent across all the exposed body parts.

  2. Protect Your Children: Some DEET-based personal repellents can be used on children over six months. Do not allow children to handle repellents. Apply personal repellent on your own hands first before putting it on a child.

  3. Follow Label Instructions: For information about how to apply and use personal repellent, follow label instructions.

  4. Mind Contact with Water: Reapply personal repellent following contact with water or excessive sweating.

    ps- Be sure to stop by their instagram page for some of the most beautiful pictures of nature that you’ll ever see!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of OFF!. The opinions and text are all mine.

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