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Today’s idea (poem & gift tag) was inspired by the beloved children’s book If You Give a Moose a Muffin. Get ready for a delightful twist as we dive into our own version called “If You Give a Teacher Coffee.”

Teacher Appreciation Week is a great time to show our thanks, but any day is a good today to show your child’s teacher some appreciation. What better way than with the delightful aroma of coffee (or a coffee gift card)?

if you give a teacher a cookie poem

To make it extra special, we’ve created some incredibly cute printable gift tags that you can pair with a coffee or a coffee shop gift card.

These printable gift tags are absolutely charming.

They’re the perfect addition to your teacher’s gift. Just attach one of these tags to the gift card to add that extra touch of sweetness to your teacher appreciation gift.

if you give a teacher a cookie

You’ll have a thoughtful and heartfelt present that any teacher will adore. Let’s show our incredible teachers how much we value and appreciate their hard work.

Teacher Gift Pack Includes

  • Two Poems (male/female version)
  • Four Versions of Gift Tags

Grab these printable story poems along with the gift tags to attach to a coffee gift card or any coffee or cookie-themed gift! (You could even pick up a Starbucks or Mcdonald’s iced coffee on your way to the school!)


She’ll take a sip and feel revitalized for the day ahead. As she starts her morning routine, she’ll begin to plan engaging lessons for her students. 

Once she’s prepared, she’ll gather materials and head to the classroom. Assheenters, the sight of the empty bulletin board catches her eye. She’ll decide to decorate it with colorful artwork and inspiring quotes. 

While putting up the artwork, she’ll notice some dull and worn-out markers. Realizingsheneeds new ones, she’ll make a mental note to add them to her shopping list. 

As her students begin to arrive, she’ll greet them with a warm smile and a cheerful “Good morning!” 

They’ll settle into their seats, ready for the day’s adventures. 

During morning circle time, a student will eagerly share a story about their weekend trip to the zoo. 

Inspired by their enthusiasm, she’ll suggest turning their classroom into a zoo for the day. 

Excitedly, they’ll transform their classroom into a lively zoo habitat. They’ll create animal masks, design habitats with recycled materials, and even put on a mini zookeeper role-play. 

As they explore the zoo-themed activities, curiosity will spark questions about different animals and their habitats. The teacher will seize the opportunity to introduce a captivating science lesson about ecosystems. 

With great enthusiasm, they’ll dive into researching different animal habitats, drawing diagrams, and discussing the importance of preserving wildlife. 

During the art session, they’ll create beautiful animal-inspired paintings using watercolors. The classroom 

will be filled with vibrant colors, giggles, and a sense of creativity. 

As the day progresses, they’ll take a break for recess, where they’ll run, play, and enjoy the fresh air. The teacher will join in, encouraging friendly games and cheering them on. 

After recess, they’ll settle back into the classroom for a math lesson. The teacher will introduce a fun math game using animal-themed manipulatives. 

Their excitement for learning will be contagious as they eagerly participate, solve problems, and celebrate their achievements together. 

As the day comes to an end, the teacher will gather them for a closing circle. They’ll reflect on the day’s adventures, sharing their favorite moments and what they’ve learned. 

With a heart full of joy, the teacher will thank her students for their hard work and dedication. She’ll remind them that every day is an opportunity to learn, grow, and make a difference. 

And do you know what happens when a teacher shares a day of laughter, creativity, and discovery with her students? They’ll leave the classroom with a love for learning, inspired to explore the world around them. 

When her students leave, she’ll want a cup of coffee before she begins planning for another amazing day. 

And chances are, when she drinks her cup of coffee, she’s going to want a cookie to go with it. 

if you give a teacher a cookie

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