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DIY canvas with a chevron design.

For our son’s birthday, we are surprising him by re-decorating his room.   Instead of putting dark colors on his walls, we decided to just paint a canvas that we can hang in his room.    We had made this gray/white one in the past and we decided to make it again with blue/black for our son’s room (I will show you pictures of the process, but I didn’t take a picture of the final one yet.)

Here is how you make this DIY canvas.


  •  FrogTape®  (we have the chevron Shape Tape™) – this is a must because it has the PaintBlock® Technology to keep the paint out of the unpainted part.  You can find out more here: FrogTape’s Shape Tape
  • Wooden Canvas (I paid $7 for two of them)
  • Brush – I chose the foam brush, but I think any would work.

Take your FrogTape®  and space it accordingly.   (you are going to love this tape!)

A canvas with yellow tape chevron stripes across it.

Start painting!   Remember to have an idea before you get started!   You might want to draw it out on paper before you get started painting it.
Find a friend (haha!)… get out more paint- he is using washable paints!  (This is our three year old)

frog 2


frog 3


Continue to paint, using your pattern.

When you are done, pull the tape off an you will have a beautiful picture!   It is easy to make!

A close up of a completed canvas with a chevron design.

Give me your most creative ideas- what project can you redesign?
An old bookshelf?
A clipboard (this would be a great teacher gift paired with some cute notecards!)?

ps- Here is another one that you might like…  (I love navy & white)

A close up of a canvas with a blue chevron design.

If you are looking for other ideas, check out this Pinterest board.  You can also find great ideas following FrogTape® on Twitter.

Did you see my DIY wooden birthday sign?  I think you will love it!

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  1. What an adorable idea! I absolutely love this!!! It turned out really good!