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When I saw this DIY burlap family sign in Savannah, Ga., I thought it was adorable and I knew that I wanted to recreate it!

I wish that I could remember the shop where I saw it, but I have no idea.   We just shop around so much when we are there- going in and out of every store & boutique…
A close up of a piece of burlap with a family tree on it.

I first saw this when we were in Savannah on vacation last month.  We love to travel to Hilton Head and while we are there, we usually drive to to Savannah for the day (mostly because I like to eat the pralines and have lunch at The Lady & Sons)…

We love to just shop around when we go to Savannah.  We go into the candy stores and they each get to pick one thing to buy (trust me, this is a hard decision!):
sav 2

My husband and the boys will sit around while my mom and I shop at all of the great shops in Savannah:

sav 3

We love to hang out near River Street.  Here we are getting a quick family picture (which takes about ten tries & we still end up with one child not looking and one child acting like smiling is way too hard for him at the moment… haha!)
sav 1

This water fountain is where they cleaned their hands AFTER they ate those big lollipops…

sav 5

And… a trip to Savannah wouldn’t be complete without pretending to be a statue… haha!

sav 6

Ok- so back to the craft at hand.

While I was shopping, I saw that adorable sign that you saw up top and I wanted to re-create it at home.
A close up of a piece of burlap with a family tree on it.


Large piece of burlap or whatever material you want to use.  You could even use a piece of wood- I think that would be beautiful.
Wooden frame to attach the burlap (wrap it like you would if you were wrapping a gift).
buttons  (circle – about 5-8)
Wooden heart (you can get this for $1 at Michaels)
Felt Leaves (you can buy these or cut your own) – its best to vary the colors
Felt flowers (same thing here- buy or make)
Gray paint
Stensil for letters

Let me say that my husband is very artistic.  If I tried to make this, it would look like a stick figure tree- seriously.   I am NOT talented in that area (I think that my kids draw better than me… that’s not an exaggeration).   My husband makes me beautiful signs to hang around the house, paintings for the kid’s rooms, he builds me things…  So, I wouldn’t attempt to make this, but he can…

Wrap the burlap around your frame – I would only do this first because it would pull it tight enough to make it easier to draw/paint.
Paint the tree first.
Add the leaves with fabric glue
Add the buttons
Stencil on the words
Add the heart button
Stencil (or freehand) the & sign.

Ok- so here are some close-ups:








DIY sign

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