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I love how big brothers spoil their baby sisters!  It was funny… a few weeks ago, I was honored to be at a Johnsons & Johnsons conference in NYC with some amazing bloggers and there were several of us that had three or more boys with the youngest child being a baby girl.  We started talking about how the big brothers just melt for their baby sisters and that is how this post was born.

big brothers spoil little sisters

So today… 10 ways big brothers spoil their baby sister.
big brothers & little sisters
1).  They dress her up (even if it is in one of THEIR costumes):
2).  They literally RUN into her room every morning when they hear here wake up:
3).  When she cries or needs help, they run to her rescue
when she cries
4).  They let her “rain on their parade”… anytime that they have something special at preschool or home, they want her to be a part of it:
rain on parade
5).  They will watch Frozen again and again and again… because “let it go” makes her so happy!
watching frozen
6).  They will give her the last bit of milk in the morning.  They even let her have their water bottle during their soccer games if she wants it!
last bit of water
7).  If she is not being hugged, talked to or payed attention to, its not long before someone realizes it and runs over to take that opportunity.
8).  They will eat different foods to show her how to “grow big & strong”, even if they REALLY don’t want it.   They will even eat things in front of her just so she will try it for the first time (she wants to do whatever they are doing!)
eating corn on the cob
9).  They protect her from everything (even when she is walking!)
siblings without rivalry
10).  If she breaks a rule and I discipline her (time out), they run to her rescue “Its OK, Mom!  She didn’t do anything.  I’ll tell her to be nice.”
… and YES, they will even sit with her IN TIME OUT (on our steps) to help her feel better!
sitting in time out with their baby sister - support systems! )
Bonus #11….
They tell her that she looks beautiful ALL OF THE TIME… even when she wakes up in the morning with her “Crazy Allie Hair!”  and they mean every word of it!
so pretty

And if you thought being a baby sister was easy… its hard work and it can tire you out (even when you are wearing a tiara… as you can see from my latest Instagram pic!)

A sleepy baby girl = snuggle time for mom @yourmoderndad

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