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Don’t we all want more energy?  These are the best foods for energy and they are all easy to get at your local grocery store.  With four kids, I need all of the energy that I can get and our I want our family to be  eating clean … most of the time. 

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Yesterday, I read a story in a magazine about how the oldest-living people were the ones eating whole, clean foods.  It makes sense since our bodies were meant to eat those kinds of foods.  As I tell our kids “If God made it, we were meant to eat it.”  Don’t get me wrong… I bake cookies and pick up fast food now & then, too, but I TRY to be healthy and lead a good example.

Our grocery store shelves are full of processed foods and busy lifestyles are causing more and more people to turn to fast food options to be able to just grab and go like I mentioned earlier.  While it may be handy for these options, it’s the furthest thing from healthy.  It’s hard to believe that some foods literally have no value to them, but the list of those food items only seems to be growing.

Do you ever feel like you’ve fallen into the “grab and go” routine?  Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.  It can be difficult to balance health and life, but it is possible.   Do you feel so exhausted sometimes, that you grab a snack just to try to get some energy?   It’s probably because these processed foods just don’t have the nutrients that we need to sustain our energy.

But, guess what? Even super healthy superfoods can be quick “grab and go” items that provide energy… long-lasting energy.  If you are needing some help in knowing some super healthy foods for you to implement in your diet, here are some great suggestions to help get you started!

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1. Blueberries.  Who can resist these power-packed yummies?  Grab a handful for a quick boost of Vitamin C or throw ’em in a smoothie for a flavor enhancer.  Whatever you use them for, you can’t go wrong with these super tiny superfoods.

2.  Eggs.  No matter how you want them to be fixed, there are options galore on how to eat them.  They are a great protein boost and also can give you so much-needed iron.  Scramble them, or keep a batch hard-boiled and handy in your fridge for an easy snack.  An egg a day may just keep your doctor away.


3.  Almonds.  Super high in fiber, and they’ve also been known to help prevent heart disease.  If you love them, you can also turn them into almond butter as well!  Spread that wholesome healthy goodness on celery or apples for a totally nutritious snack.

4.  Apples.  No matter how you want to eat your apple, it’s all a plus.  You can munch on them whole, halve them or cut ’em in quarters.  Packed full of that much-needed fiber and high in Vitamin C.  Plus, this is such a super easy snack for that grab and go lifestyle!

5.  Cranberries.  They may be mini, but they pack a punch!  Cranberries are a super must for your diet!  They are known to help prevent UTI’s and make a great healthy addition to any salad.  Pair them up with some almonds for an especially super snack!

6.  Brussel Sprouts.  Aren’t they the cutest?  Seriously…they look and taste just like a baby cabbage.  Chocked full of vitamins, these are a must to add to your weekly meal plans.

7.  Strawberries.  Packed full of Vitamin C, these summer fresh fruits are a must.  Not only does our body need Vitamin C, but it does so many great things to help us as well.  Vitamin C can help with our immune system and also our vision.  Load up on strawberries the next time you visit the store and fill your tummy with those good, juicy berries!  Make a smoothie– it’s an easy way to enjoy our berries!

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8.  Black Beans.  This should be no surprise here.  These beans are the best!  Packed full of fiber and a great protein to introduce to your diet if you’re cutting back on the meat.  Easy to incorporate into your diet while partnering with rice or in soups!
Try this recipe…
yellow rice, black beans, pepper casserole

9.  Potatoes.  Yes, even potatoes are packed with superfood powers.  Low in calories and cholesterol free, potatoes make for a great addition to any meal.  Plus, they are packed full of potassium!  Baked, steamed or mashed?  Any way you want to eat them is great.

10.  Coconut oil.  Is it in a food group by itself?  Maybe not…but it should be.  You can literally add coconut oil to just about anything to up that health factor.   It is healthy for your heart and adds that “good” cholesterol to your diet.

These High-Energy Superfoods are easy to start incorporating into your daily diet.  Try a mixture of the suggested ones above and see if you start to notice a difference in how you feel.   Oh… and don’t forget to get enough sleep!

Read about this latest study… 
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