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I participated in this great sponsored post as part of Mom It Forward Blogger Network for DOLE.

Here is an easy recipe that is perfect if you are busy or have kids… it uses  DOLE Nutrition Plus Fruit & Veggies POWER Smoothie Shakers.
Healthy Greek Yogurt Popsicles

Are you ready for this?  It is complicated, so pay attention (note my sarcasm)…

Grab one of these DOLE Nutrition Plus Fruit & Veggies POWER Smoothie Shakers (from your freezer) – it has fruit & veggies already in it, so you don’t need to get anything else.

Ready for the steps?

o   Purchase Shakers at the grocery store in the freezer section

o   When you are home & ready for it, just grab the Shaker out of your own freezer

o   Pour any kind of juice into the Shaker

o   Shake it.   Drink it…
Two glasses of smoothies on a table.
Or freeze it in popsicle molds.

smoothie 5
The older kids (7 & 5) ask for our smoothie popsicles  as soon as they get home from school and after dinner.  They treat it like ice cream- a special treat!   Our little ones (3 & 1) eat them after lunch and love them! They all ask for them after dinner, too!

ps- I like to give the kids one of these before sports for this reason: NUTRITION.   The Dole Smoothie Shakers have a lot of vitamins.  Here is one example:

Blueberry Banana with Red Beet (Blue POWER) Shakers (this is our favorite flavor!)

  • Boosts:
    • 100% DV of vitamins B6 & B12
    • 100% DV of folic acid
    • 5 grams of protein

Both smoothies are nutritious and taste great!  Both can be made into smoothies or frozen.  One takes longer than the other (I prefer to give the DOLE Nutrition Plus Fruit & Veggies POWER Smoothie Shakers when the kids are hungry & asking for a snack – they take about 10 seconds!)

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