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How adorable!  These babies pretend to be asleep when mom, Judy, talks to them on the monitor!   I love it!    Last year, when I went to NYC, for a sponsored blog trip (for J&J), I started hanging out with vlogger, Judy and her husband, Benji  (they work & travel together).  Well, I talked to them for the whole first day, even as Judy taped it all.   (She has an amazing YouTube channel (several, actually) with millions of followers.  You should check it out: ItsJudyTime).   Judy is very down to earth, sweet and kind.   She was funny and so easy to talk to (and her kids are just as adorable as they seem!   I was able to watch them on her FaceTime chat with her family).

Anyway, tonight a local friend of mine shared this with me and I immediately recognized Judy’s voice (& her laugh!) and when I watched the video, I couldn’t stop laughing!

How cute is this?

Isn’t that hilarious?!   Can’t you see your kids doing this?   I certainly can!   Mine even pretend to snore, which is a COMPLETE giveaway to any parent! haha!!


dear 4th child

2, 3 or 4 year old waking at night

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