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We have had four children and each time, I have been grateful for family and friends that show up to offer a helping hand or even a hug.

Here are 5 ways that people have helped me~ I hope it can help someone else, too.

A woman kissing her baby\'s forehead.

1- Take a meal.  This is such an easy way to help.   I would sign up on a website like and set it up for the month after the baby comes.   Send it off to her family and friends or even to her church members.  Each person signs up (online) for a day to take a meal to the new mom and her family.  It is such a blessing!
Here is an easy one that I’ve made in the past to take to friends:


2- Take her older kids for a playdate. ¬†It is always helpful if you can stop by and pick up a friend’s kids for a few hours. ¬† My neighbors and I will often swap hosting playdates, so I will send our older kids there or she will send her kids to our house.

3- A PRACTICAL goody basket for mom.
another baby

A friend made this for me & I loved it. ¬† Here is what was in my basket: ¬†Flavored water (because I don’t like plain water too much), ¬†fruit (fresh & dried), nuts, a book, ¬†a nursing tanktop. I know this one is sort of strange to gift someone, but if you know that they are planning to nurse, this gift can be priceless! ¬† I had one in every color.¬†If she has had a c-section, throw in a box of ScarAway. ¬† You can even add somethings to help her around the house (example: Downy wrinkle release plus spray – because she won’t want to spend her free time ironing! haha!!)
Don’t forget to include Poise Liners (for light bladder leakage, which is SO common after you’ve had kids. ¬†The box looks like this:

I loved them because they are really lightweight, so it won’t be noticeable. ¬†I liked knowing that I didn’t have to run to get¬†Poise at Walmart¬†& I’m sure your friend will be glad, too. ¬†Plus, she will need these well after the baby has been born because having babies can put a lot of strain on your bladder. ¬†I know several people that actually had to have bladder surgery because of LBL.) ¬† Ps- you can get a¬†Poise Coupon¬†here, too.

poise 2 poise 1

Lastly, for your basket, don’t forget to pick up a baby toy (like the TeetherTops)¬†something heart-touching, like my favorite book to give to new moms: Let me hold you longer (also at Walmart).

4. Stopping by just to listen.
let me hold you longer -
Really! ¬†I had the baby blues with each baby, for a few weeks, and having friends to count on made a huge difference. ¬†My parents moved closer to us before baby #2, 3 and 4 were born, but with baby #1, I only had my husband and friends to count on. ¬† When he was at work, I would call my friends and just talk to them for hours on end. ¬†It got me through those first 6 weeks. ¬†Try to be that friend- let them cry on your shoulder and just listen. ¬† If you can’t be there, help her find a group (you can find local play date groups in your area with a little search online). ¬†Maybe find her a local MOPS group- I have made some great friends through MOPS.

5- Go grocery shopping for her or join some friends to pay for a cleaning service.
Ask her what she needs and don’t take “Oh, I’m OK” for an answer. ¬†Tell her that you want to help… and that you would be so happy if she let you help! ¬†Here are some grocery shopping tips to save money.

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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