Money Saving Tips for the Stay at Home Mom (or anyone!!!) ebook

Saving Money Tips for the Stay at Home Mom



I want to take a minute to introduce you to my new e-book:

It is full of money saving ideas.   Here is how I came about this…

1- I have been a stay at home mom for 7 years.   (I have a BS in elementary education with a minor in writing and I am a certified play therapist… which is why I write about parenting and kids, for the most part.  I have studied children for over 15 years and I am happy to share everything that I know with you.) 

2- I have taken several classes on managing finances, because I am very interested in money management.

3- My husband is an economics major and has worked in the finance field for over 10 years.

4- My Dad has a MBA in Business & Finance and shares many tips with us.

5- My brother is finishing his PhD in Math & Education and keeps us up to date with the newest and latest findings.

6- My Mom (a nurse) has taught me a ton about shopping right!

All of these things combined have made it possible for me to share this with you.   I used to have a webpage devoted to just this… saving money.  I had it for several years, but do not use it anymore.  I have combined all of the ideas from that website, plus all of the new tips & ideas that I have, into one ebook for you.   I have interviewed several people for more advice, as well.


It is the hope of many parents to stay home with their children or simply to have more money to spend on your family and to live financially stress-free, working or not. 
Maybe you just want to start saving now, in hopes of working less in the future.  You could just be looking for ways to supplement your income.  This book will help you with all of these goals.

You will learn so many tips, ideas & secrets to help you save more money & live easier.  The stress of money can be a big one if you let it, so just learn to take control of your money.  Spend less & save more, the easy way!

I am going to address all of these topics AND MORE:

- Can you afford to stay home?  Looking at your finances.

- Make money from home

- Save money at the grocery store

- Save money on clothes

- Save on household items and decor

- Get discounts on schools (private school, preschool…)

- Get discounts on gym memberships and club memberships

- Learn the secret to getting items for FREE with coupons, the easy way!

- Get prescription medications for free

- Take family vacations for free

- Make money selling items online

- Learn the best websites for the best deals

- Save money on diapers

- Get free toys for your kids

- Alternatives to preschool (or saving money on tuition)

- Eat out for over 70% off the regular price
and so much more!

- Pay off your mortgage early

- Lower your phone payments (cell & house, too)

- Tips for buying a car

- Tips for financing a home

- Free baby products

- Alternatives to expensive places

This is just the tip of the iceberg!

I can guarantee that you will save money for your family if you follow these tips and ideas.


Money Saving Tips for the Stay at Home Mom (or anyone!!!) ebook — 19 Comments

  1. Wow! this sounds like it would be a great help! My sister is a SAHM, and I bet this would really help her out! Sending the link now! Congrats!!

  2. Read the book and loved it! Found lots of great tips–especially like your couponing strategy. Included a short review and link to it on my recent article on money-saving tips on Wondermom Wannabe.

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