You Can be a Stay at Home Mom on One Income ebook

How to book came to be:
I used to be a teacher in NC when we found out that we were expecting our first son.   At that time, my husband was making in the $30,000 range.  He had been working on his first job for about 1 1/2 years (first job after college).  Now, four children later, his salary has increased a bit, but so has our family (we went from a  family of two to a family of six!) and we have made it work on one income.  I no longer teach, although (as I share in the book), I do find ways to supplement our income.

I hope that these ways help you to save money (and make extra money) for your family…

You can be a stay at home mom on one income- Becky Mansfield


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It is the hope of many parents to stay home with their children or simply to have more money to spend on your family and to live financially stress-free, working or not.   

Maybe you just want to start saving now, in hopes of working less in the future.  You could just be looking for ways to supplement your income.  This book will help you with all of these goals.

You will learn so many tips, ideas & secrets to help you save more money & live easier.  The stress of money can be a big one if you let it, so just learn to take control of your money.  Spend less & save more, the easy way!

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I am going to address all of these topics AND MORE:

– Can you afford to stay home?  Looking at your finances.

– Make money from home

– Save money at the grocery store

– Save money on clothes

– Save on household items and decor

– Get discounts on schools (private school, preschool…)

– Get discounts on gym memberships and club memberships

– Learn the secret to getting items for FREE with coupons, the easy way!

– Get prescription medications for free

– Take family vacations for free

– Make money selling items online

– Learn the best websites for the best deals

– Save money on diapers

– Get free toys for your kids

– Alternatives to preschool (or saving money on tuition)

– Eat out for over 70% off the regular price
and so much more!

– Pay off your mortgage early

– Lower your phone payments (cell & house, too)

– Tips for buying a car

– Tips for financing a home

– Free baby products

– Alternatives to expensive places




This is just the tip of the iceberg!

I can guarantee that you will save money for your family if you follow these tips and ideas….
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★★★★★  “Amazing book!” – Jessica Beety
I loved this book, because even though I am not a stay at home mom (yet!  I’m still pregnant) this book was filled with ideas to save money.

★★★★★ “Thanks! It was awesome!”  – Kristien  Kunesh
This book was awesome because it showed me ways that I had NEVER about to save money.  I seriously had no idea about the preschool savings.  That alone saved me $200 a month!

★★★★★ “A whole new world”  Allison Liza
This book opened my world (and my eyes) to a huge variety of saving money.  When I read my husband the chapter on paying off our mortgage 8 years sooner without putting extra money towards it, he was blown away and we started to implement your ideas that next week.”

This book was previously called You Can Be a Stay at Home Mom on One Income, but because it is filled with money-saving ideas, I’ve changed it, added to it and re-titled it.
I hope that you love it!

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  1. Alaina Bullock says

    Wow! this sounds like it would be a great help! My sister is a SAHM, and I bet this would really help her out! Sending the link now! Congrats!!

  2. says

    Read the book and loved it! Found lots of great tips–especially like your couponing strategy. Included a short review and link to it on my recent article on money-saving tips on Wondermom Wannabe.

  3. Rudy says

    Greta idea. But one thing no one talks about is living within your means. People don’t consider wants vs needs during a purchase decision. “I WANT the 84″ tv but I only need the 24″ tv. But how many bags of ramen noodles do I need to eat to offset the cost?”

    Kids are not cheap (I’m a SAHD for 5 yo twins). We made the conscious decision that I would stay at home and we would have to make sacrifices to our lifestyle (no new cars, fancy vacations, expensive cell phones, etc.). You don’t need all of life’s bells and whistles to raise your kids properly, they are actually better off without them.

  4. Sherri Young says

    I’m thinking of purchasing your book. My husband became a SAHD this year (not by choice), and he is loving it. I am a teacher (so I don’t make much). However, I’m not sure we can even do it on my salary alone (about $44000). I am just wondering how much your husband makes? I realize this is a personal question, but this book will only be use if it can help us live on only my salary…Thanks. Sounds like a great book.


  1. Thank you- I just got this book and it has been so helpful! I would never have thought of some of those tips! I love your blog & I’m so grateful for this book. Thank you, again, Ms. Becky!

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