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Our kids and I are always looking for fun new {FREE} apps.   I found one that they really like and the reason that like it is because it lets them build a song and a band.   Its called Zya.   Zya is a new music game that allows anyone to create hit songs on their iPhones and iPads.   It is free to download and you just build your band and song.  Our kids really loved this part!

I picked the song, because there were some songs that I didn’t want the kids listening to ( We went with Girls just want to have fun) but I let them pick the rest.  (the drummer, guitarist, vocalist, etc…)

Our three boys worked together to make up a song.  They picked a fun band and they even were able to create a “beat” to the song on the drums and then the drummer that they picked actually played their beat!  It was really neat for them to see it “come to life”

Next you can either pick your vocals or you can create on one your own.   We went with the vocals that were supplied, but next time, I think we will create our own.
free make-your-own-music app for kids
Here are some great features of Zya (a game for kids 4 years and older):

  • Hours of fun – our kids love this app and play it until I tell them that we are “done with electronics”.  haha!
  • You can sing duets with with famous artists and their hit songs.
  • It teaches your child (or you) to create music. Your kids will learn to make music in a few easy steps. They’ll be amazed how good their Zya songs are!
  • We all like to play this game together because we can each make music to share with friends and family. Show off the kids’ creativity!  You could even do a mini “American Idol” in our house.
  • Get creative!  I love creative games and this is one that is definitely creative.Here is the song that we created:

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