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 When my friend Sam and I were talking, we were shocked at how much we had forgotten since having our first babies.  As Sam was telling me  a great story, I told her that she had to share it with you (along with our favorite list of 10 things that we need in our diaper bags), so here goes…  Take it away, Sam.

“As an experienced mom I was shocked at how much I had forgotten about having a baby around once again. I thought I would be a veteran at all things baby, but I proved we are all rookies all over again.  At our baby’s 1-month check up, they doctor was about to check the weight, when I looked down and saw that there was pee all over the onesie.  Our baby was red-faced and crying and I didn’t even understand it all!   I don’t even think that the diaper was wet (yes that really happens to me.  I will find that they have managed to pee on their outfits, but not in their diaper?  Magic babies, perhaps? haha!)

My husband asked me for another outfit and a changing mat and it was at this point I realized I had forgotten to put both of those things in my diaper bag!  Enter Rookie Mom Moment!  Now I was the red-faced one!   I searched my rather large diaper bag for something else that might work, but despite it being nearly full, there was nothing in there to help me. It was then I realized I was starting over almost back at square one with the whole baby preparedness thing.

I decided if I, as a veteran mom, was having this rather embarrassing difficulty then other moms (new and seasoned) probably were too. So I compiled my essential items for an infant diaper bag. There’s much more that could be added to this list, but for Pete’s sake just make sure you have these basics!

A pink diaper bag with baby supplies inside it.

  1. Diaper Bag: I have two diaper bags – one that has “everything” and one that has just the essentials (I keep this one in the car).  Obviously you need a bag to put all your goods into, but I love my Lily & Jade diaper bag! It comes with a removable internal organizing bag, travel wipes case and changing pad. It doesn’t scream “diaper bag” can be used as purse whenever you go out without baby.  I also have a little personalized diaper bag that I keep in the car with a few essential items.   I love it so much, too! 
  2. Balmex – just like we want to stop the red-face moments, we need to stop the red-tushies with our babies.Two tubes of Balmex diaper cream.Let me (Becky) give you the low-down of our first-born son…BEFORE BALMEX:A baby posing for the camera.AFTER:A baby lying on a bed playing with his toes.haha!  That about covers it!OK, Sam… you were saying?
  3. Wipes: Not only for poopy diapers, but for the inevitable times when you don’t notice the spit up on your blouse until your out in public (not that I’ve ever done that).
  4. Hand Sanitizer: I use lavender hand sanitizer because it is fabulous. It has glycerin to help moisturize your skin. Plus the smell is amazing!
  5. Diapers: Of course do not be without diapers. With an infant I would say do not be without 3-4 diapers or more depending on how long you’ll be out.
  6. Pacifier: If you baby takes a pacifier do not leave home without it! I like to have a backup attached to my baby’s car seat just in case we lose the other one.
  7. Disposable Diaper Sacks: These biodegradable lovelies are for those times when you can’t find a trash nearby and you don’t want you car to stink. Trust me, it’ll happen.
  8. Change of outfit: You will definitely want a change of outfit for times when you have an accident the diaper can’t save (for you first time moms: yes, diapers don’t always contain everything!) or if you baby spits up on their clothes.
  9. Bottle: If you are bottle-feeding and going to be out for more than an hour or two make sure you have a bottle with formula or breast milk.
  10. Nursing cover:  This is perfect if you are breastfeeding or if you need to pump while you are out. 
  11. Water: Especially if you are breastfeeding, do not leave home without water! I know the minute I start nursing I feel like I’ve been stranded in the Sahara without any water for days.
  12. Snacks: A grab and go snack that you can stash in your diaper bag is perfect for when your hunger unexpectedly strikes.
  13. Burp Cloth: Since you’ll likely be feeding your baby while you’re out, you are going to need a good burp cloth for after feeding time. Look for ones that are bigger (i.e. more coverage) and thick enough to soak the milk up.


Balmex with ActivGuard is a must-have for your diaper bag to help fight diaper rash, so don’t forget to include it!  It reduces redness in just one diaper change, which is perfect to help treat diaper rash (and prevent it).   It has ActivGuard, so it will neutralize the irritants from the dirty diaper.      Plus, right now you can take advantage of this Balmex Diaper Rash Cream Special Offer. Balmex can be purchased at the following retailers: Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Toys-R-Us/Babies-R-Us, CVS, Kmart

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I wrote this post in collaboration with Sam…
sam-thomason-kiwi-in-the-cloudsSam is a wife, mom, graphic artist and chocolate addict.  She loves the playful nature of children’s decor and shares free printables, design inspiration boards and parenting tips on her blog, Kiwi in the Clouds.   You can find her on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

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