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Whenever a woman announces that she is going to have a baby, we can’t help but to shower her with helpful things!  Here are 20 great gift ideas (some of which you can even do yourself) to show your favorite expecting Mom or New-Mama that she and her sweet baby mean the world to you!

what every mom to be really wants

1. New Mommy Survival Kit

The New Mommy Survival Kit is a great gift that, yes, has a couple of things in it for baby but also has lots of great stuff for Mom too. The dry shampoo is the best part of this kit–who doesn’t remember what it was like to go days without having time to wash our hair?

2. Baby’s Heartbeat Print

This is a print made out of a sonogram printout of a baby’s heartbeat while in utero. It’s personal and beautiful and makes a great addition to any wall in the home.


                                                        image source

3. Baby’s Footprint Pendant

Lots of moms love jewelry and this piece will allow a new Mom to take her baby’s footprint with her wherever she goes.

31d6zZZ-9kLImage source

4. Birth Announcement Pillow

This is adorable without being too cutesy and can be used to prop up a new Mom’s aching feet or her brand new baby for lots of super adorable photos. It’s a win-win!


5. Citrus Lane Subscription

A Citrus Lane subscription is a fantastic way to help pamper the expectant or new Mom in your life. This is a monthly service that includes samples of new wellness products.
citrus lane giveaway & promo code
6. A Maternity Photo Shoot

You’ve undoubtedly been documenting the growth of Mom’s belly over the course of her pregnancy. Before she gives birth, though, offering her a professional maternity photo shoot is a great way of really celebrating her pregnancy and giving her a lasting gift to remind her of this time. A gift certificate to Picture People for a maternity photography package at a local studio is a fantastic gift.

(Image Source- Picture People)

7. Belly Butter

If you’ve ever been pregnant you probably remember just how itchy the whole experience was. Pregnant bellies only look smooth. They are actually very dry and very itchy and belly butter can really help with that. It can also help soothe the skin of the belly after Mom has given birth and her body hasn’t yet figured out what to do with all of the extra skin it has created.

belly butter

Get it here.

8. Door Silencer

No matter how quiet you try to be, the sound of a turning doorknob will almost always wake up a sleeping baby. That’s why the interior door silencers are such a great gift for the expectant Mom in your life–especially if this is her first baby! New Moms check on sleeping babies roughly once every fifteen seconds. These adorable door silencers make that a much stealthier operation.

9. Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy

There are lots of great and terrifying books about pregnancy and motherhood out there and the expectant or new Mom in your life probably has all of them. That’s why The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy is such a welcome change. It’s written by a group of friends and a lot of new Moms have found it very comforting.


10. A Journal

Most new Moms have at least a few Baby Books gifted to them by the time their babies are actually born. Baby Books are great but why not give Mom a place to put her own private thoughts about watching her kids grow up? Journaling is a great way to explore and deal with all of the new emotions that come up during pregnancy and those first months of new parenthood.

11. Freezable Dinners

There are lots of meal services out there that you can gift to an expecting or new Mom. The best meals, though, are the ones that you make yourself. You know her tastes better than a service will! Making a week or two of frozen meals that she can keep and thaw out as needed will be greatly appreciated!
24-Freezable-Dishes-Bring-New-Moms (Image source)

12. After Labor Recovery Kit

Dealing with the immediate aftermath of giving birth is something that is rarely talked about, which is why so many women aren’t prepared for it. Put together a cute “After Labor Recovery Kit” to help her through those first few hours and days after she welcomes her new little one into the world.
recovery(image source)

13. Cute Nursing Gown

Nursing can seem hard to do, when others are around, for a woman who hasn’t yet gotten used to nursing in front of other people. A cute nursing gown that is comfortable and that will actually stay put will help her feel better and more comfortable about receiving guests.
Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 11.41.20 PM(get it here) 

14. Spa Treatments

Gift certificates for your local spa for things like massages, facials, pedicures, etc are all great ways to help a new Mom feel great about how she looks and feels. Just make sure that the treatments you gift don’t take more than an hour–it’s hard for newborns to be away from their Moms for much longer than that.

15.  Nursing Pillow

nursing pillow
This is a great one for mama-to-be when she is trying to sleep (I used mine to keep me on my side), for the new mom when she is nursing and for the baby that is trying to learn to sit.

16. Nursing Sling

Use this to conceal nursing or pumping easily.   If you go to you can get it free with the promo code YMF4
nursing cover

17. Belly Button Bands

This is awesome for Mama to be to keep her old pants fitting longer and to make her now-too-short shirts a little longer.  It is great for the new mom because it puts her back into her pants sooner and it is great for the mom of a young child because it is an easy way to hide your cleavage – just put this under your shirt to look like a tank-top! (Get it free using the code YMF4)
free promo code for belly bands

18.  Nursing Pads

Self explanatory, but so useful!  I liked these ones better than the disposable ones.  Get them free at with the code YMF4
breastpads free

19. Carseat Canopy

What would I have done without this?  I used it every single day and once they were done in the carseat, it became a blanket that our kids used daily.  (free with code YMF4)
Free Carseat Canopy with code YMF4

20. Baby Sling

Our little guys were in this sling so much- there is SO MUCH PROOF that Kangeroo Care (holding your baby close to you like this) is beneficial to your sweet baby!    Get a free sling with the code YMF4



I hope that you found these to be helpful!
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  1. Becky,

    Freezer meals and spa treatments– count me in! And that heartbeat art, that’s SUPER cute. Totally something I would put on my wall! Thanks for taking the trouble to put all this together. It’s always fun to visit you here!