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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Citrus Lane.  I think that you are going to love it!

So, I just got my first Citrus Lane box! Citrus Lane is an awesome, award-winning company that puts together fun ‘care’ packages for your kids every month (its a subscription service, like a magazine, but instead of sending magazines, they send packages with great stuff for your kids!) The packages include things to help mom/dad with their parenting journey. Everything that they include in the box is recommended & reviewed before they add it to the box (yay!). It is geared towards kids birth to 5 years old (this is the age group for three out of our four kiddos.) It includes toys, books, snacks & personal care products, like soap or shampoo.  Here is an example of one…
citrus lane giveaway & promo code

They have so many great items in their shop (see it here to browse) – Check out what other people recommend when you are looking around the shop, too.

Great Christmas gift idea!! Citrus Lane review & giveaway  -

I was super excited to get my first box because it was PERFECT! It had baby snacks, bathing soaps for our little one, bathtub foam toys/letters that stick to the side of the bathtub, an adorable ‘bird-cage’ rattle, a coupon for a discount membership ($10 off) & more.
It was like a mini-Christmas!   (Ps- if you sign up, you can get $10.00 off of your first month with code BLOGPOST )

So, when the UPS man delivered it to the door, all of the kids were home. I’m sure that you know how that goes… “Mom! There is a package on the porch! Mom! Hurry! Lets open it! What is it? Is it for me? Can we open it? Hey, guys, grab a knife… I’ll get it.”
This is where I step what I’m doing to intercede… “NO ONE GETS A KNIFE BUT ME!” So- I stopped cleaning the kitchen (well- do we ever really “stop cleaning”? .. I stopped for the time being… and went over and brought it in.

The best gift for little ones - the gift that keeps on giving

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when I opened it up (by the way, even the box is cute!) and saw the fun things that waited for us inside, I was immediately glad about the monthly gift because I know that it is something that we will love.

I had to share it with you because it really a GREAT deal. It was filled age-appropriate toys and other items that you need… not to mention that this baby soap/shampoo, that was in it, came at just the right time, because we were running low. Our kids use our baby’s soap in the shower when they run out of their ‘Spiderman’ soap, and since they use way-too-much-soap, our baby’s soap was about gone: Enter Citrus Lane package at just the right time! haha!
Here is the soap & foam bath toys that came in the Citrus Lane box ~ all ready to go in our ‘Bath’ basket on the tub, ready for tonight’s bath time.
A bag with bath tub toys in it.

PS~ You can also give this monthly box as a gift that keeps giving.   (Have you ever seen the Everybody Loves Raymond episode with the fruit of the month club?   This is so much better than that!  haha!   I would really love this gift and I think that anyone with kids would love it, too.)

Here is her favorite toy from today’s package… (All four kids played with this toy!)  It rings/jingles and they all loved it.

best gifts for little ones - a gift that keeps on giving!

Now onto your gift! You can win $25 to purchase your own Citrus Lane items! Just follow the rafflecopter rules below. Good Luck!  (You can also take $10 off with code BLOGPOST)
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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Citrus Lane. New customers who purchase a subscription will receive $10.00 off their first month with code BLOGPOST. Expires 12/31/2013.

Offer Terms: Discount may only be applied to subscriptions purchased by new Citrus Lane customers. It cannot be applied to gift subscriptions. Subscriptions automatically renew to full retail price, $25 per month. You may cancel anytime.

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  1. I want to use my CL gift card for a box subscription for my niece and SIL, I think she would LOVE this service. 🙂

  2. I’ve heard about this and it’s such a great idea! I would love it for my own kids if I had any… in the future I’ll keep it in mind bc I love educational gifts and activities.

  3. I LOVE citrus lane! I got their box for my youngest and they always send the best stuff. My favorite box by far was when they had board puzzles inside so I would most likely buy more of those with a gift card

  4. Seeing posts like these *almost* makes me wish I had a little one again! Looks like fun, and what a great gift idea that isn’t “over” as soon as the wrappers are cleaned up after Christmas. I may do something like this for the littles in the extended family- I have a nephew under age 5!

  5. What a great looking package! I love getting subscription boxes! Not only do they provide you with the introduction to amazing products but its fun to receive them in the mail!

  6. I really need to try a Citrus Lane box! My toddler would have loved those foam bath toys!

  7. I’ve seen these advertised! They seem like such fun and a great gift option! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. I really liked it. I think it would be great for Dylan & Lia (Tim’s kids) .. and allie/Ethan. 🙂

  8. I’d love to start a subscription for my daughter (20 months)she has become so curious lately she’d love this.

  9. If I win I think I would try getting a subscription to see how my daughter likes it. I think I already love the whole idea!