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This is a sponsored post by #CollectiveBias and #OneBuyForAll

A Soundbar with text above it.So this year, my husband wanted a Sound Bar for Christmas, but we didn’t buy it.  He has wanted one for quite some time, but we have never bought one, until now.   I didn’t think that they made a difference, but I was proven wrong (haha!).

I went to my friend, Kristy’s house, and she had a Sharp Sound Bar and I could see the benefit of it.  She put on Sid the Science Kid with and without the sound bar and the different was amazing.  (Imagine the big game with this!)

It was sort of like having surround sound, but it is so much easier.  You didn’t have to do any special wiring or anything.  So, when #CollectiveBias asked me to talk about it, I was happy to!  I made a trip to Best Buy  #OneBuyForAll (it is really close to our house, anyways).   I buy all of our electronics here.

They have the ultimate showroom for home theater and TV’s where you can touch, feel, and see a product before you purchase it.  I wanted to buy it before Valentines Day & before the Super Bowl.

best buy Here are a few images of their home theater showroom:


Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 8.51.07 PMA flat screen tv  in a game room. Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 8.51.17 PM

This is the one that I bought:
sound barCan I tell you what a huge difference this makes?  I love it!   We can hear the TV so much more clearly now.

Oh- and shopping at Best Buy is always where I go because they offer  their Low Price Guarantee, so you really can get your best buys at Best Buy!    You can stop over at their website first to check out these things: ServicesBest Buy’s Low Price Guarantee and Accessories.  I find it really helpful.

OH!  If you are thinking of getting something like this, you should check out the Home Theater Buying Guide first (I like to check it out because it has really great info in there!)    Here is it:

This is a sponsored post by #CollectiveBias and #OneBuyForAll

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  1. The Best Buy showrooms are the BEST place to plan and purchase your version of a perfect home TV/entertainment area. #client

  2. I REALLY want a soundbar! Since the big game is tomorrow, I might have to run to Best Buy and get one to go along with my new TV. AAHHH! It would be SO AWESOME! Do you love it? I’m a little jealous that we don’t have a Magnolia Home Theater System in our Best Buy. I might have to come visit yours! #client