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Here are my top 5 Kid TV shows that I LOVE!  These are some of the best educational TV shows for kids -Spongebob not included!
best educational TV shows for kids

I feel like TV can be a great way to help our kids, if we use it appropriately.  In this modern world, kids can be exposed to so much through TV, so we are constantly monitoring what they watch.  They want to watch it and they have learned so much watching some of these shows, so I am not against it.  I do, however, set a time limit on their electronics (tv, tablet, etc…).

My friend, Kristy, and I were just talking, yesterday, about the TV shows that are on TV now and how even the ones that we watched as children can send the wrong message.  They showcase kids with ‘bad attitudes’ talking rudely to their parents and they do it in a way that is funny and almost acceptable.  It is hard to see through it to the reality that it is teaching our kids to follow in those footsteps.  I want our kids to benefit from watching TV, not let it have a negative impact on them.

Here are 5 shows that I love and wanted to make sure that you get to see them, too:

1). Curious George
I just love Curious George- I haven’t found an episode yet that hasn’t taught our kids something.  They never use mean words and it is always positive.

2). Wild Kratts
This is another one that is very educational.  There is a ‘bad guy’ in this show, but I haven’t seen an episode where he is scary, just trying to get the animals (and the Kratt Brothers are saving them).
3). Electric Company
 I love this for our older kids.  It is geared towards phonics and reading.   It is fun and uses  real people, so our older boys love it!  It is funny and interesting for them.

4). Martha Speaks
 I like this one more than my kids (I love Franklin more than our kids, too).  I like that they introduce new words and I find it to be really interesting.  I like the positive words that they use and the new words that they teach them.  They reinforce the new word by using it often throughout the show.

5). Fresh Beat Band
 This is another one that is fun for the older kids.  It really is great for all ages, but our older kids seem to like it more (maybe because it is not a cartoon. ).

I hope that gave you a few ideas for some positive TV shows that teach our children more than just facts.

What are your thoughts?

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