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My family and I make it a point to go to Mickey’s Halloween Party as often as we can.   Of course, we love Disney and share Tips for Going to Disney with our Kids often, but today I’m focusing on Mickey’s Not So Scary Party.

Mickey's Not So Scary Party

The benefits of going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Party are huge:  The park ticket prices (when buying the party ticket) are less than a normal day at the park, the crowds are very low, the lines for the rides are minimal (you can walk right onto most rides), and the Disney Villains and Disney Characters are easy to find as they make their way around the park.

A group of people walking down the street

If you’re debating going to Disney’s Halloween Party while you’re at the theme park, my vote is to go for it!

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Mickey’s Not So Scary Party is a fun-filled night of Halloween festivities that runs on select dates from August 16 to November 1. We’ve always gone in September and October, but the fact that it’s open longer makes it even better!  The after-hours party takes place at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Although it is a late-night event, this light-hearted romp through the spookiest season of the year is ideal for children. It’s the most magical place to trick or treat, and there are much more fun and entertainment around every corner. If you have little monsters to bring along for the fun, take these tips. They will help you use your time at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party wisely.

Do I need a separate ticket for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween?

Mickey’s Not So Scary Party is a paid event.  The party passes costs are not built into your normal pass, so you will have to purchase an extra ticket for each guest. The ticket price changes depending on what month and day of the week you choose. Dates closer to Halloween are pricier, so you may want to plan a night early in the season if going Halloween Night is not crucial to you.

How much are tickets for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween?

Prices for Mickey’s Not So Scary Party start at $79 and they increase based on the night that you will be attending.   For example, Halloween night, October 31, will be the most expensive night.  As of 2019, October 31st ticket prices are $135 per person.    If you are planning on going August-September, the cost will be around $85 per adult.  In October, the price will go up to an average of $100-$105 per night.

Kids tickets are $5 less than any adult ticket on the same night. Since the party is pretty pricey, make sure you know what you want to do during the evening.

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2019 Dates:

  • August 16, 20, 23, 27, 30
  • September 2, 6, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24, 27, 29
  • October 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20, 21, 24, 25, 27, 29, 31
  • November 1

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Costume Guidelines

Little ones are always encouraged to wear costumes as long as they adhere to Disney’s official costume policy.  About half of the guests that are at the party dress up (although I remember seeing most of the kids in costume.)  Halloween is one time of year when the policy makes more allowances for kids and adults to dress up.  Although all are encouraged to dress for the event, make sure your costumes are appropriate for the park by checking the costume guidelines before committing to them.

A group of people standing in front of a castle

Here are the Mickey’s Not So Scary Party Costume Rules, taken right from the source:

General Mickey’s Not So Scary Party Costume Guidelines:

  • Disney reserves the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that is considered inappropriate or could detract from the experience of other Guests.
  • All Guests may dress as their favorite character, but may not pose for pictures or sign autographs for other Guests.
  • Costumes must be family-friendly and may not be obstructive, offensive, objectionable or violent.
  • Costumes may not contain any weapons that resemble or could easily be mistaken for an actual weapon.
  • Costumes may not contain sharp objects, pointed objects or materials that may accidentally strike another Guest.
  • Guests who do not adhere to these guidelines may be refused entry into, and/or removed from, the park unless his or her costume can be modified to meet the above standards.

General Mickey’s Not So Scary Party Costume Guidelines for Guests ages 13 and under: 

  • Costumes and some masks may be worn, as long as the mask does not cover the entire face and eyes are visible.

General Mickey’s Not So Scary Party Costume Guidelines for Guests ages 14 and older: 

  • Layered costumes or costume props that surround the entire body are strongly discouraged and may be subject to additional security screening.
  • Costumes may not reach or drag on the ground. (e.g., full-length Princess dresses)
  • Capes may be worn if the length does not go below the waist.
  • Themed T-shirts, blouses, sweatshirts and hats are acceptable.
  • Acceptable accessories include transparent wings, plastic light sabers, toy swords, and tutus. Headwear may be worn as long as it does not cover the face.
  • Masks of any kind may not be worn.

Mickey’s Not So Scary Party Costume Ideas

My suggestion is not to buy anything expensive or hard to wear.   We often put the kids (our four kids & my niece & nephew) in DIY outfits, like “Army Men” or  “Ballerinas”… last year the boys were “Zombie Football Players”.  They just wore a jersey & put a little zombie makeup on their faces.

A group of people standing in front of a cement wall.
Yes, you’ll see some very elaborate costumes, and they are fun to admire, but my best advice is to wear something that is comfortable, lightweight, and easy to get around in.   We aim for simple costumes… not a costume like our son’s DIY Claw machine Costume from a box!  lol!

Since you are in Florida, and the sun does not go down before the party begins, you want to remember that you don’t want to be too hot in a costume.    Yes, it cools down a bit in the summer, but it is still pretty warm (and humid) that time of year in Florida.

For more inspiration & ideas, you can check out our Guide to Disney Costume for Girls or these adorable TUTU costumes or our 5 favorite DIY costume ideas  

What Time Can You Arrive for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party? 

We suggest arriving for Mickey’s Not So Scary Party as early as possible.  Although Mickey’s Not So Scary Party starts officially at 7:00 pm,  Disney Halloween party guests are allowed to enter the park starting at 4 p.m.    Disney does not make a point to advertise the earlier time of 4:00, but the Cast Member who helped me to write today’s post said that it is definitely true.

Plus, I know from experience, because this is the time that our family arrives.

A group of people posing for a picture in front of a castle.

Arriving at 4:00 vs. 7:00 is a great way to maximize your cost of entry.  When our children were even younger, this was ideal, because they couldn’t stay up for the whole night, but we were still able to enjoy hours of the party.  By getting an early start on the evening, you are able to bank some time, so as it gets later and your child gets sleepy, you can call it a night without apprehension.

Note: A question that I am often asked is about the transition from the close of the park to the beginning of Mickey’s Not So Scary Party.  Disney handles this nicely.  The park closes at 6:00 pm for the Disney guests that are not attending the party.   If you are staying, you must go to a touchpoint and get your “party wristband.”   This eliminates the need to go back to the entrance.

If a cast member sees that you are not wearing your wrist band, they will ask you to go to a touchpoint to pick yours up, or they will ask you to leave the park.  If you came only for the party, after 4:00, you will get your Party Wristband upon arrival.

Should You Skip the Day Ticket and Just Buy the Disney Halloween Party Ticket?

This is. up to you… depending on how tired you or your children will become.   Remember: the tickets are in addition to the general tickets for the day, so you are essentially buying two tickets per person if you go in the day and at night.

We often skip the park that day and only buy the tickets for the Not So Scary Halloween Party.  We spend the day swimming, hanging out, resting a bit, and then getting the kids ready in their Halloween Costumes.

Since Mickey’s Not So Scary Party is at night, it’s a good idea not to go to any of the parks during the day. This is especially true if you have small children. Carting them around all day can wear you out, and you want to be rested for the party. Use the daytime to lounge around your hotel or do something low key.

You Can Skip First Performances

The Hocus Pocus Show and Boo to You parade have multiple performances throughout the night. Guests line up and wait well in advance for the first performances, and the crowds for these are much larger than later performances in the evening.

You can take advantage of those early showtimes by hitting up attractions or visiting a character location while everyone else is securing a seat. Likewise, you are not going to have trouble getting a good spot to watch the parade later in the evening.

A little boy and girl holding hands with a princess statue.
Character Lines can get long for these photo ops since the villains are out during this time,  so be prepared and try to head to those places first.   If you aren’t into meeting the characters, head to the rides and enjoy the short wait time!   Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mad Tea party, etc… have minimal wait times during the performances.

Two girls holding Mickey Mouse\'s hands.

TIP: We also stopped at the Treat Stations on our way to rides, instead of just going from station to station.  The kids would spot one while walking to the next line and we would run to it, get our candy, and head to the next ride.  It was like a mini dessert party in between each ride!  🙂

Can you ride rides at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party? 

Yes, you can ride rides during this special event!  To be honest, that is the reason we go.  We don’t even need a FastPass+ since most of the guests are participating in the Halloween party activities, while we enjoy the rides.

TIP: During Mickey’s Not So Scary Party, there are two times for Mickey’s “Book-To-You” Halloween Parade: 9:15 and 11:15.  We only go to one and then we ride the rides during the other one.    (I LOVE this parade and so do our kids!)

What rides are open during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party?

While there are so many things to do at the party, from treats and parades to dance parties and shows, you can also find that most of the rides are open.  Some of the rides in Magic Kindom are even modified just a bit, to give them a spookier vibe.

  • Mad Tea Party has new lighting effects
  • Pirates of the Caribbean features interactive pirates that even come onto the ride
  • Space Mountain goes completely black and changes the music.   The rocket ship’s new soundtrack and special effects make this one that you can’t miss!

Should You Stay Until the End of Mickey’s Not So Scary Party?

We always stay until pretty close to the end, but we leave when there is about a half of an hour left. One year, we stayed until the park closed and we waited in line to leave the park for SO long.  The crowd on Main Street is crazy… and I’d rather leave early than have to try to maneuver my way through the crowd with kids.

A wooden exit sign.
Plus, it is such a rush of people that having kids (or strollers) is very hard if you leave with the crowd. It is hard to stay together, so if you do stay until the end, my tip is that if you have a child, make a “buddy system” and pair each child with an adult. Hold hands until you are out of the park. Also, have a meeting spot outside of the park in case of separation from the rest of your group.

Is Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Worth It?

Yes!   It is my favorite time to go to Disney World.  The lines are short, the wait is minimal, the weather is cooler because the sun has set, and you have candy to snack on.  What’s not to love?!

Do you want MORE Disney Tips?

These posts, listed below, will give you the information that you are looking for to have the best trip… or just to enjoy a little Disney magic at home!


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