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1- Finish your to-do list. 

You will be up all night thinking about what you have to do if you don’t just do it. If you don’t have time to finish it, at least make a REAL list, on paper, not in your head. Just writing it down on paper or on a calendar is a huge weight off of my shoulders because I don’t have to ‘remember’ anymore- I can just look and see what needs to be done… or your night will look like this:


2- Get a great mattress.

Mickey and I recently ordered a Yogabed™ (they are the leading online retailer of luxury foam mattresses and sleep accessories… we ordered the Yogabed luxury foam mattress.)  It features the patented Yoga Comfort System™; an advanced layered system that supports the body by dispersing weight evenly and reducing pressure points. The idea behind “Yogabed” is that one doesn’t need to actively participate in yoga to experience that post workout bliss; all that’s required is a good sleep on our mattress.   This is perfect for me.
Yes I go to a bootcamp class everyday at 9:30… no, I don’t stay for 10:30 yoga.  haha!!



3- Wear socks to bed.

It is really hard for me to do this, but Dr. Oz said that it helps people sleep better… who knew?   So, try it… get your shower, put on your comfy PJ’s and a pair of socks and hop into that bed.
Ps-  I always put socks on our baby, ever since I watched that episode.   (The logic behind it is that when our feet are cold, we don’t sleep as well.)

4- Eat a light snack about an hour before bed. 

 Don’t follow my lead on this one because I eat Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream before bed, every night… not sure that I can consider that light in terms of calories, but it is light in terms of greasiness in food (compared to say… leftovers.) I’ve been doing it for twenty years and when the kid’s all sleep through the night… I sleep great. haha!

5- Turn off the night lights. 

In our house, we have night lights in the hall way, in the bathrooms, in the kid’s bedrooms. I just can not sleep when they are on, so I have started taking the ones out of the hallway and shutting the bathroom door (leaving it open just a crack). The darkness makes it so much easier to sleep!

6- Go to bed with a book instead of TV. 

I can tell you that when I go to bed with a book and NOT electronics, I fall asleep so much faster. Pick up a novel or read the bible as you lay in bed. Give yourself a limit and then close your book and go to sleep.

 7- Stay busy in the day! 

When I am busy in the day, working or playing with the kids, I usually fall asleep a little quicker than when I am not as active that day.   At least you can skip Yoga, right?   That frees up an hour to get some things done on that to-do list (Thanks, Yogabed™)

8- No Caffeine five hours before bed. 

If you have any trouble falling asleep, don’t drink any caffeine after 2:00pm.

9- Turn the AC down just a bit.   

Most people sleep better when the room is a little colder.   I love to sleep in a chilly room and then cover up with our down comforter, so I am cozy under the covers.

10- Go to bed when you are ready!   

I have this terrible habit where I will be exhausted at 9:00 pm but I stay up and then I get my second wind. I should just go to bed when I am tired the first time.

Yogabed’s Memorial Day Sale is starting Tuesday (May 24th), Yogabed will be giving the largest discount they’ve ever offered; $125 off the purchase of a mattress. We are so excited to try out Yogabed (we ordered one because of the great discount going on right now.) Find more info here.


Yogabed is comprised of the Yoga Comfort System™, an advanced layered system specifically designed to optimally support the body by dispersing weight evenly and reducing pressure points that cause tossing and turning.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Yogabed. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Great tips! I had no idea about sleeping with socks. I’ve tried before when I was cold but can’t do it! haha!! I put them on the kids and they have them off in 10 seconds!