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The Mom Quilt is an ebook compiled by myself, Paula Rollo and Jodi Durr to benefit the Mercy House in Kenya, founded by Kristen Welch (blogger @ We are THAT family).

100% of the proceeds are donated to The Mercy House to build a well for the mothers and children.

My cup runneth over.   I am so excited to tell you that over 60 wonderful moms and bloggers contributed to make this book, each sharing a special story from their heart about life as mom.
Even though our lives as mom may look very different from one another, we are all united by love for our families.    We are bonded to one another by the love that we have for our children… the experiences that we have as MOMS.  We stitch our stories together like a quilt.  We use the quilt to cover others and offer protection and warmth.   That is what we are doing here.

A book cover with text on it and a pink quilted heart at the bottom.

These stories are a reflection of the things we share and the things that make us unique. It is emotional and beautiful, you will likely laugh and cry right along with the authors as they share an authentic glimpse into their lives, struggles, joys and successes (we certainly did).


As I mentioned earlier, this book is not only for you, but for the women and children living in  Mercy House property in Kenya. Currently, water is trucked in from miles away. It is costly in time and money and we would love to take away that stress and expense from the ministry so they are freed up to focus in other areas… like helping the residents to become educated, learn trades and become healthy and independent.

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We are working on raising $40,000 through book sales to cover the cost of the well.   We think that this goal is achievable, because we are MOTHERS and we know how to help others.

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You can buy your copy of the book here.   Every dollar will go towards the Mercy House project, and you will even be able to overpay for the book if you’d like to send more money towards the project.  You can donate extra by sending it via paypal to   We will get it and it will be sent to Mercy House.

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What happens after the $40,000 is raised? Well, we will continue selling books, and the proceeds will continue to benefit MercyHouse- they can always use more money to help.  The sky is the limit!  When the time comes to select a new fundraising project we will be sure to update this page accordingly!

Thank you for joining us on this journey! Click here to learn more about The Mercy House and their work in Kenya. 


If you would like to be emailed when the book is released please subscribe below. You will also be added to a list to receive periodical updates about the project as it moves forward!

Pictures of the Mercy House, truck and Kenya courtesy of Mercy House.


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