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Hello everyone! I”m Rebecca Smith and I blog at  I am so excited to be guest posting for Becky – I have been reading her blog for a very long time so to get the opportunity to guest post is amazing!
Here in the UK, our weather can be unpredictable to say the least. So when Summer rolls around, we have to take advantage of every little bit of sunshine before it is too late. I would like to share with you my top five summer activities for toddlers – we try to do as many of these as we can every summer!

 top five summer activities for toddlers


When planning your summer activities with your toddler, make sure that you always have the no-drama summer kit available – sun cream, a hat, cooler/warmer clothes depending on what your child is wearing, insect repellent, drinks to keep them hydrated and a mini first aid kit – it is better to be prepared than sorry when it comes to being out and about with your toddler – who knows what could happen?


1. Visit your local park. Ours has recently been refurbished and is sadly not as toddler friendly as it was before – Our son, Jack, could go on everything but one before the refurbishment but now he is too small for the majority of activities in the park. We will be seeking out a new one but local parks are perfect on a nice sunny day. They are closed off and there are a variety of things to climb on, ride on and potentially keep a toddler amused for hours.



2. Filling up the paddling pool. This is such a  simple idea.   (We actually like to take day trips to the coast during the summer and love paddling in the sea).   However, this is a handy idea for an afternoon when you don’t want to leave the house.  It will give your kids (& yourself) hours of fun at home! 


3. Crafting. Do you like crafting? How about your toddler? Get on Pinterest and pick some fun, easy summer crafts for you to do together – I’m thinking Kool-Aid Ice Painting or Kool-aid painting is something we will try!


4- Make a picnic. I’m guessing your toddler has very clear ideas on what they like to eat, right? Tell them you are going to have a picnic one day and spend the morning putting together the perfect feast.   You can cook & prepare together the night before… perhaps make some sandwiches, some muffins – and some home made popsicles.  When they are helping, they can enjoy their picnic knowing they helped to create it.


5.  Wash their cars and bikes! Have a bike and trike wash. This is a new idea to me but I love it – your toddler gets to have lot of fun playing with buckets, water, sponges and the like – plus they get their bikes and trikes sparkling clean! Having a boy, I know how dirty toys can get – so if I can make chores fun, then why not?
ps- Here are some more summer activities- check out these fun (FREE) ideas to keep them busy for hours! 

What is your top summer activity for kids?   

Top 5 Summer Activities For Toddlers





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