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Smarter Ways to Decorate and Charge Up This Holiday Season

This holiday season, I’ve partnered with Leviton to show you how to control your holiday lights and charge up your new tech gifts in a smarter and more efficient way with the new Decora Smart Wi-Fi Mini Plug-In and Leviton’s Type A/Type C USB In-Wall Charger Outlet.

A decorated Christmas tree with decorated stair case beside it.

First, with decorating upon us for the holidays, it’s a joyful time, to say the least. Our family loves to get out our Christmas trees, hang our stockings and string our lights.

A close up of a Christmas tree with a basket of blankets and pillows beside it.

However, the one thing that I don’t like about decorating is always trying to remember when to turn everything on and off at night. Even more, I don’t like coming home at night to a dark house. However, we found the best solution to these problems this year.

A white chair and couch with wooden shelves above them with a Christmas tree in the background.

Simply using a timer AND an app!

This year, we used Leviton’s Decora Smart Mini Plug-In with Wi-Fi Technology to help with our decorating. This new Decora Smart Mini Plug-In is such a simple, affordable solution! We just plugged in the Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology Mini Plug-in into our wall outlet, set it up in the My Leviton App & that was it! Now, we have complete control over our lights. I can turn our banister garland and Christmas tree lights on anytime, anywhere.

A stair case decorated with Christmas garland and a Christmas tree in the background.

While we were at it, we also used our plug-ins for some of our other trees, a few small appliances, our holiday decorations & some other home electronics.

A close up of a cell phone beside an outlet with an electrical adapter  plugged in.

A cell phone with an app opened.

Once we had everything ready, I just used the My Leviton App on my phone to schedule everything to turn on and off at specific times.

For some of the lights I want on at random times, I just click the button in the app and lights are on instantly.

Oh – and our kids love that they can control the lights and decor via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.  You should hear them turning our lights on. (They feel like Kevin in Home Alone when he discovers that he can turn his lights on & off with a clap!Lol!)


A living room filled with furniture and a large window and a Christmas tree in the far corner.
We even have a mini Christmas Tree set up in Allie’s playhouse! It’s adorable!

A playhouse decorated with Christmas lights covered in snow.
My favorite part of Leviton’s Decora Smart Mini Plug-In with Wi-Fi Technology is that it is compact, so it allows for two mini plug-ins per outlet, so I can plug in multiple things and have them on two different schedules. 🙂

Now, Let’s Charge Faster!

In addition to using our Decora Smart Mini Plug-Ins, we also swapped our standard electrical outlets out for Leviton’s Type A and Type-C™ USB InWall-Charger Outlets because it allows for quick & effective charging of our devices. This is crucial for the holidays!

I’ll never forget two years ago when I forgot to plug in my phone and camera to charge them on Christmas Eve. When we all woke up and I remembered, I tried to charge them, but ten minutes was not enough time. I missed capturing some of those amazing memories and I regret it. This year, I wasn’t taking the chance. These outlets allow the whole family to have devices fully charged quickly in convenient locations around the house so we can always capture Christmas memories or play with our new tech gifts.

A hover board and a tablet being charged.

I asked Mickey to install these USB charger outlets all over our house.

A black electrical cord plugged into a wall outlet.

Here’s what they look like once they are installed!
As you can see, we can charge multiple devices at the same time.

I have them in our office, our kitchen, family room, kids study room, and our bedroom.

Here are the BEST parts and the reason why we installed these outlets…

We no longer have to run around the house searching for missing charging adapters, because the outlet provides adapter-free charging!

The two high-powered vertical USB ports also accommodate almost all current electronics, including those that now have a Type C port. Plus, the outlet’s smart chip technology recognizes and optimizes the charging requirements of individual devices for faster charging of smartphones and tablets.

A close up of a wall outlet.

Now our whole family can have everything charged. With two tamper-resistant outlets (in addition to the two USB ports!), our kids can charge everything at the same time.

It’s perfect for charging both their phones and school laptops overnight – and no one has to worry about leaving them plugged in because the outlets provide protection from overcharging and overheating.

Think of it as a little Christmas Bonus – Charge Santa’s gifts faster with Leviton USB In-Wall Charger Outlets!

We are all ready for Santa with decorations lit and devices fully charged. Check out our video below and learn more at




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