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skin healthy all winter

Wintertime will be here before we know it!  I wanted to take a minute to talk to you about 5 ways to keep your skin healthy in the winter.

Growing up in Pennsyvlania, we had a lot of snow and dry air.  I would go sled riding, skiing and we would just run around in the cold air… leaving our skin NOT too healthy.

TIP 1- Drink a LOT of water.   We remember to drink water in the summertime, when we are thristy from being outside in the heat.  Many of us forget to drink it in the winter, because we are cold and we just don’t think about it.  It is important to drink water to rehydrate your body and your skin.

TIP 2- Try Vaseline Intensive lotion after exfoliating.  I recently opened my door to find a box filled with amazing goodies from Vaseline!

Vaseline photo 68e13603-ad2b-4f40-86a8-9105addbeeea_zps5cc71ce6.png

It had this lotion inside:

A close up of a bottle of Vaseline lotion.

Along with these skin testing strips:  I took a challenge where I tried the lotion pictured above for five days to see if I could tell a difference and then I tested them with the strips below.  (you can see my before and after on these strips… before using Vaseline and after using it for just five days!) 

A close up of two Vaseline testing items with text on them.
Not to mention that in my package was a coffee mug

A close up of a coffee cup on a counter.
and some amazing hot cocoa from Godiva.

A close up of a can of Godiva Hot Chocolate.

TIP 3-  Treat Dry Nails.   Nails can become brittle in the winter and the best way to treat them is the same way that you treat your skin.   Moisterize your nails with the Vaseline intensive care lotion.  After you put it on, put on some gloves and leave them on for a minimum of twenty minutes.  This will really make a difference!
TIP 4- Do the 5 day Vaseline Skin Care Challenge that I mentioned above.  When you see your skin improving on day 5, you will see that it stays healed for THREE WEEKS (this is clinically proven)!  You will see huge improvements in the health of your skin, just by giving it what it needs.  Vaseline Intensive Care Lotions deeply moisturize to heal dry skin because it contains healing micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly to deeply moisturize to heal dry skin.

Just give it a shot- it is an inexpensive (For the 10oz bottle, the SRP is $4.99) fix to your dry skin in the winter problem.
TIP 5- Increase your Vitamin B7 intake.    These include foods like carrots, fish, vegetables, nuts, and protein.   (Just eating a healthy variety of foods will insure that you get enough of this).

What tips do you have?

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  1. Exfoiliation is totally key. No matter how much you moisturize, if there is dead skin build up it’s pointless. Remember lips need extra hydration and protection too! Skin care is a huge part of my job so I could go on all day about this subject 🙂