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I am so excited to partner with Sears to bring you this awesome idea!  Just wait for it…


Last year, I went Christmas shopping with our kids.  It certainly gets crazy, shopping with kids, that’s for sure.  They want to stop in the toy aisle for 20 minutes and they want to be in the cart, out of the cart, back in the cart.

Here are 3 tips that I have found to work, when shopping with kids (#3 might be an ah-ha moment for you!)




A woman and kids standing by a filled shopping cart with text below them.


Before heading into a store, we  go over the rules (if you get out of the cart, you will not get back in, etc…)  We also explain to them that we are NOT buying any new toys. We are buying food, school clothes, (whatever you are there for). There are always exceptions, of course, but plan that before you go in and let them know.
This will eliminate the need to stop in the toy aisle for 15 minutes during the trip.

2- SNACKS and a list! 
Snacks come in handy!  Check out these snacks that I throw into my purse before we head out the door.    I also give them my list and ask them to highlight the items once I get them.
This will keep them busy, while you are focused at the task at hand: getting what you need quickly.


3- Pick it out ahead of time and have the store hold it for you!  (save yourself so much time & stress!)
The worst part of shopping is the ‘finding the items’ … this takes up so much of our time, seriously! 
I looked up stores that have either online ordering or pick up in the store and I found that sort of has the best of both world:    Plus, they  have a new program called Reserve It.  You can look online at the specific store that you are going to shop at and you can reserve your items (sort of like putting them on hold) and then you they will pull them aside for you.  You go in & try them on.   Or you can order it & pick it up without even going into the store.  (You can actually pick-it up from your car! They bring it out to you.)   It saves me so much time!
This will save you at least 50% of your time, because you are not searching the racks to find what you need. 

Here is how it works:

  • First, login to your Shop Your Way account on and select your local Sears store; the assortment of products will automatically update to include items that are in-stock at that store
  • Click on the product, style and size you want and select “Reserve In Store.” You’ll receive an email notification when your items are ready to try on
  • Sears will hold your items for 48 hours. When you arrive at the store, head to the Reserve It rack located in the women’s apparel section and try your items on in-store.
  • Check out as you normally would


Check out this video to see how it works:

What tips do you have for shopping with your kids?

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  1. I love that so many stores are allowing you to “order” and pick up. There are some days that shopping just isn’t going to work!