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When I was in high school, I took several sewing classes and I really enjoyed it.  I have lost many of my sewing skills over the years, so today Deby is going to be refreshing us!

Take it away, Deby… 

learning to sew





I’m Deby from So Sew Easy and I’m delighted Becky has invited me to share a little about my love of sewing with you all today.

Do you have a sewing machine at home? Perhaps one you inherited, were given as a gift, or even one you bought in a fit of excitement, and then never got round to using. Don’t let that precious resource go to waste. Did you know that sewing is having a resurgence of popularity? Everyone’s doing it – from kids to teens, to moms, aunties, grandmothers – and you could be doing it too.

Why sew?

Sewing can be both fun and challenging. There is a lot you can learn if you want to be an expert, but you can also learn just the basics and still never run out of fun projects and things to sew. There is a very satisfying feeling when you go out wearing something you made, and even perhaps designed yourself, and you get compliments and can tell people you made it yourself!

It’s the sort of hobby that can be relaxing, but can also grow into something so much more. You can sew for yourself, sew for the family or home, make repairs and alterations and even go on to sew for a business. You could run a business at home making alterations, making custom clothing or simply making sewn goods such as purses and bags to sell on crafty sites such as Etsy.

What can you sew?

On my site, I concentrate mostly on sewing clothes because that is what drew me to sewing originally. I wanted to sew things I would actually use and wear.

A woman wearing a Wrap Dress standing posing for the camera with text beside her. A woman standing next to a body of water. Reversible apron pattern. Sew looking forward to making this apron!

Sewing clothes is popular for all ages and might be ideal for you if:

  • you have a less than model-perfect body shape and often find ready-to-wear clothes gape or pinch, or just don’t fit as they should. Making your own clothes gives you the opportunity to get the perfect fit for you. When clothes fit as they should, they flatter your figure no matter what shape and size you are, and can make you look instantly slimmer, taller and younger!
  • you are on a budget. What! I hear you say, but clothes are so cheap to buy. That can certainly be true but there are also occasions when sewing your own can save you money. Perhaps you work in an office and often wear a straight skirt. You can more than likely make one that fits you perfectly from a yard of fabric that might only cost you $5. Once you have a tried and tested pattern you like, you can sew up a new work skirt in super-quick time and in every color you need for just $5 a time. Maybe even less if you find just what you need in the remnants section.
  • you have children or grand-children. Sewing for your children can be very rewarding and enjoyable. Small clothes also use small amounts of fabric, so you can sew 6 pairs of leggings from a yard of fabric or 4 nice t-shirts, 3 pretty dresses…. You get the idea.
Template and directions to make this Spring Mug Rug or placemat. Teeny tiny zipper pouch, coin purse or add to your key ring. A close up of a cosmetic bag.

But sewing doesn’t stop there. You can make quilts, items for the home, curtains, bedding, decorative items, cushions, wall hangings, table runners, baby items, soft toys, bags and purses and lots, lots more. Once you know how to sew, the possibilities are almost endless.

How can you learn?

If you’ve not used a sewing machine or are a bit rusty, then you’ll want to practice your stitches before tackling some real projects. Did you know that your sewing machine doesn’t just sew fabric?

You can sew paper too, when you are learning! In fact, it’s the ideal way to start out and practice.

Sewing Machine practice sheets with text below them.You’ll need to take a look at your manual or the directions on the machine for how to thread, and then why not print out these Sewing Machine Practice Sheets and give it a try?

These sheets are also a fun way to teach children to learn how to use the machine, control speed, turn corners and sew shapes. It’s a great way to learn and practice without using up your fabric until you are ready.

There are also amazing Free Sewing Patterns and classes at Craftsy if you want to get started. That’s how I first learned.

I recommend the Sew Ready Machine Basics to guide you through setting up and using your machine, including troubleshooting and maintenance. You could be making your first projects by the end of the day!

Where can you get some beginner projects?

So Sew Easy is all about easy sewing projects. I’m learning to sew right along with you so the emphasis is always on learning new skills, trying new fabrics and techniques, and sewing easy patterns that give you great results. I even design my own range of free sewing patterns for you to try, all with step by step photos and many of them even have a video tutorial too.

Don’t forget Pinterest. Set up your own Free Sewing Patterns board or follow along with mine (Deby) and you’ll never be short of something quick and easy to sew.

I hope I’ve inspired you to dust off that old sewing machine and give it a try. It’s an absorbing, enjoyable and challenging hobby that can grow into so much more.

Hi there!

I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  1. Thanks for allowing me to share my love and enthusiasm for sewing with your readers Becky.