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I love the rain!

 I could sit on our screened-in porch for hours and listen to the rain, while I swing on our porch swing. I love it because it sounds peaceful, it is a serene gray colors outside and I love the smell of the rain.   I say this because I have never been caught in too severe of a storm- severe weather preparation

safe in a storm Did you know that it is National Preparedness Month ?   Master Lock is helping us to prepare with tips and products to keep our families and belongings safe during a severe storm.

Here are a few things to buy to help you with storm preparedness
1.  Master Lock Vault:  –

This is a DIGITAL safe deposit box!   I love this idea because you can keep duplicate copies of you will, passports, tax returns, and anything else of the utmost importance here.  It is FREE and you can get access to it 24 hours a day! I would keep on my app…


1).  Your will and/or power of attorney… and the lawyer’s information.   You will want to keep the lawyer’s info with the will so that they will know just who to call if they need it.

2). Birth certificates

3). Social Security Cards

4). Property Insurance info (and again, the number of your insurance company).

5). Medical information: Doctor’s numbers, prescriptions, etc..

6). Passports

7). Titles to your vehicles and one spare key for each car and a key and deed for your house.   8). Marriage Certificate

9). A  family picture.

10).  A list of valuables in your home, room by room.

  2.   Master Lock Magnum Padlocks:  

These locks are great because they are weather-resistant.   We have one on our shed out back (If you have a generator, you can use this to lock it down, using  it with a chain).  The gold lock is great because it has a resettable combo that allows you to change the combo as often as you want.  Plus, since you don’t need a key, you can give them combination to family/friends.

 photo M115XDLFHC_zps372a62dd.jpg 

3.  Python Adjustable Locking Cables: 

 photo 8413DPF_zps48943306.jpg

We use these for our bikes.  My Dad even uses this for his boat!

They are made of rust-resistant locks, so they are weather resistant, too.    You could use them to lock down ladders, tools, lawnmowers, etc… I like Master Lock products because I like the company.

They recently donated 200 Magnum padlocks to a region of eastern Washington where homes were destroyed by wildfires.  Plus, Master Lock encourages consumers to support fellow Americans struck by storm disaster by donating to groups who aid in recovery, such as the American Red Cross – another group Master Lock has supported this year.

Click here if you are wondering where to buy  Ml_logo_blk_zpsa26c09bd

         Which Master Lock product does your family need? 

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  1. That tornado is horrifying!! Also, I didn’t realize that digital safe deposit boxes existed.

    1. haha!! I know – scary, isn’t it? Lets hope we don’t see that one anywhere near our houses!