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Do you ever think about how much the things that you do, every day, make a difference to our world?  Do you ever think about how these daily things impact our families?  Something as simple, but important, as water can have one of the biggest impacts.  It’s why I am so excited to share today’s sponsored post with you.  I’ve teamed up with Primo® water to tell you why high-quality water is within reach & why they are impacting the world, one bottle at a time.

It was actually our son who started this conversation, a few weeks ago, when we were filling our refillable 5-gallon bottle at the Primo refill station.    

A person standing in front of a store, with Primo Water

He asked me if we used the Primo refill station and reusable bottles instead of using individual plastic bottles because it was better for the earth.   This started a very long, but important discussion about taking care of our earth & ourselves.   Of course, before he got too serious, he wanted to help me refill the bottles.  This is one of his favorite things to do.  Lol!   We go to Walmart because it’s close to our house. 

The Primo Self-Service refill station is easy to use:  You bring your empty 3 or 5-gallon Primo bottle to a Primo Water Refill Station.  You fill up your water with the purified water.   That’s it.  

A woman standing in front of a refrigerator, with Primo Water

Once they are filled, you go to the checkout station, just like you would if you were checking out with groceries.   The average price of Primo water is 35 cents per gallon, so it’s really affordable. 

Two containers of Primo water in a shopping cart.

Are you dehydrated?

Did you know that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated?   That is a really high number.   Not only are so many people dehydrated, but when they are drinking water, it’s not as safe as they may think.   Did you know that we lose around 2 to 3 liters of water every day?   

Water is so important to help your body function as it should. When we are dehydrated, we don’t think clearly, as it impacts our brains, hearts, joints, skin, hair, and just about every other part of our bodies.    The good news is that bulk water drinkers consume around 25% more water than non-bulk water users.   But, let’s not just hydrate our bodies, but let’s fill it with water that is high quality. 

What’s really in tap water… and what is it doing to our bodies?

Here are some things that are in the tap water that most of us are drinking:

1. Lead.
Due to the corrosion of household plumbing systems, along with natural deposit erosion, there can be lead in our water.   This can cause developmental delays in children and health problems in adults.

  1. Cyanide.
    It comes from plastic, metal factories & fertilizer factories. It can cause nerve issues and thyroid problems.   It is poison.
  2. Arsenic.
    Speaking of poison… arsenic can also be in tap water. It comes from orchards, glass and electronics production waste.
  3. Mercury.
    While this can often be found in water due to the erosion of natural deposits, it can also come from the runoff of landfills and croplands. It can be very dangerous to your health, causing kidney damage.
  4. 5. Ethylbenzene
    Ethylbenzene is yet another danger that may be lurking in tap water.  It can cause kidney or liver problems.

Why Primo Water is Better Quality:

It’s like they say: “We provide safer drinking water that helps inspire healthier lives, healthier families and a healthier planet.  Pure and simple.” 

No parasites, no bacteria, no metal, and no worries on my part.  They have it covered.  They take all of the steps to be sure that we are getting water that is high quality.  Materials that come in contact with the water you drink are BPA-free certified, including the premium internal stainless-steel water reservoir, which also aids in the prevention of bacteria growth.

I know that when I refill my Primo bottle, I’m getting water that has been taken through many steps in order to get rid of the things that are a danger to my health and the health of my family.  

Water quality information sheet.

Which Primo Water Dispenser did we pick?

I really debated which Primo water dispenser to pick.  There were so many, as you can see here, that would work for our busy lifestyle, like the Deluxe Top Loading Water Dispenser with the Pet Station, but ultimately we decided on the Primo Smart Touch Deluxe Bottom Loading Water Dispenser.  
It is a bottom-loading dispenser, in black, and it looks so sleek and it is functional.  It’s just what I wanted. 

It fits nicely into our dining area and it is easy to use.  We wanted it to be in a place that was easy to get to for the kids, as well as the adults.   Plus, it’s in a spot that we walk by a hundred times a day (it feels that way, at least), so it would serve as a good reminder to “Fill up that cup & take a drink!”

A person pouring a glass of Primo water from the dispenser.

It’s also very easy to load since this particular dispenser is a bottom-loading dispenser.  I also like that it has the removable dishwasher-safe drip tray & LED indicators.  All of these things make our dispenser look as high-quality as the water that it gives us on a daily basis.
A person refilling a Primo water dispenser.

We use it for everything.  You can select hold, cold or cool water from the smart touch control display.  We use the hot water option almost every night, now that our kids know that it is the quickest way to make hot chocolate. J  We also use the cold water every morning to fill our kids’ refillable water bottles that they take to school or to their sports practice.

Then, when you’re ready, just press the droplet to dispense the water, or you can choose the continuous water dispensing. 
Oh- there are also smart touch controls, so if you have a young child in your house, you can use the child lockout function.  This would prevent any accidental dispensing. 🙂

A woman getting a glass of water from a Primo dispenser.

Why do we use refillable bottles?

We share the same goals:  Leave a positive impact on the environment.   The Refill Water gives all of us a chance to make an impact on the world.  We can reuse & refill our empty bottles again and again.   

Did you know that each time you fill each Primo five-gallon bottle, you are saving up to 1,100 single-serve plastic bottles from landfills, not to mention oceans, over the course of the bottle’s 40-use lifetime?

To give you an idea of just how many plastic bottles we are keeping out of the landfills and oceans, check out these facts, provided by Primo:

  • 1 Million Plastic Bottles are purchased every minute.
  • 91% of these plastic bottles are not recycled.
  • It takes 1,000 years for a plastic bottle to biodegrade.
  • 5 million tons of plastic spill into oceans annually.
  • There are 5 million massive patches of plastic in the oceans. One section in the Pacific Ocean is the size of Texas!
  • By the year 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.
  • 1,100 single-serve bottles are saved by just ONE refillable 5-gallon bottle of Primo water.

That means that we are wasting less, taking care of our earth, and taking care of ourselves.  

How to Try Primo Water in your house:

As I’ve mentioned, Primo water has worked really well for our family.

  • Pick your dispenser: They make it easy to find something that works for everyone.  They have so many dispensers to pick from top-loading dispensers, bottom-loading dispensers, and even countertop dispensers.  
  • Once you’ve picked a dispenser, you can decide if you want to do the refill bottles or if you want to exchange your bottles for filled ones. I found our self-service water refill station at Walmart, but I’ve seen them at Lowes, as well.
  • You can use their store locator to find one near you. It is inexpensive to refill them at around 35 cents/gallon.
  • You can order the empty bottles here.
  • You can find everything that you are looking for on the Primo website, including a non-spill cap (this makes transportation much easier).

TIP:  You can even sign up for text messaging & they’ll send you a 20% off coupon code + free shipping at

Which of these dispensers would best suit YOUR family? 


  • 60% of YOU is made of water.
  • 70% of the EARTH is made of water.

Let’s start acting like it.  Let’s drink quality water to inspire healthier lives & a healthier world. 

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Primo.


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