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It’s that time of year again…  time to go pumpkin picking and design our pumpkins!  The kids look forward to this ALL season! 

Last year, we made a No-Carve Star Wars Pumpkin of Princess Leia and I had to share it today because it’s still one of my favorite no-carve pumpkin ideas! 🙂

A pumpkin decorated  as Princess Leia.

We always start by letting the kids pick out what kind of “design” they want for their pumpkin and then going to a local farm to pick out the pumpkins that they need.  A group of boys sitting in front of a pile of pumpkins.

Once we got home (with our normal-sized pumpkins… plus two of those tiny ones in the pictures above), we got started on our pumpkins.     Some of the kids still carved their pumpkins…
A young boy standing at a table cleaning out a pumpkin.

But Allie & I wanted to make our Princess Leia Star Wars Pumpkin.

What you need for a Princess Leia Pumpkin:

– 2 Small Pumpkins for the buns

– One Big Pumpkin

– Black Paint

– Purple or pink paint

– Brown paint

– Paint Brush

Directions to make a Princess Leia Pumpkin:

1- Paint the eyes, lips, nose & hair with black paint.
Decorated pumpkin sitting on a counter.


Person decorating a Pumpkin of Princess Leia with black paint.
2-  Paint the mini pumpkins black (this is the perfect step for a child to take over)

A young girl painting a pumpkin.

Decorated pumpkins with paper towel roll sitting on a table.

3-  Add details to Princess Leia’s hair and face (brown streaks to hair, color to eyes & lips)

4- Cut off the top of the mini pumpkins

5- Add skewers to the pumpkin and allow them to stick out, as they will be used to hold the small pumpkins (buns) to the big pumpkin (head).

6- Stick the mini pumpkin onto the big pumpkin to make Princess Leia’s hair buns.

A person putting a decoration onto a pumpkin sitting on the front steps.7- Repeat on the other side.

A close up of a completed Princess Leia pumpkin sitting on brick steps.

It turns out so cute!

A close up of a Decorated pumpkin.
That’s it!
A decorated pumpkin  sitting on top of  brick steps.

What kind of messy and FUN Halloween crafts do you like to make?!

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