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You might be ready to dive right into potty training your toddler.   You may have even read my post on how to Potty Train in Three Days, and now you are thinking “is my toddler ready for this?”  Maybe you googled ‘ Potty train toddler ‘ at some point this week and it has led you to me.  I hope that you have found a lot of great advice…   I am ready to give you a little more.

Today, I am working with Charmin to share my favorite potty training tips.  This was the perfect partnership because we only use Charmin in our house (if we go anywhere & they don’t use Charmin, my whole family notices! haha!)

A little girl sitting on a potty chair.
I trained our three sons & our daughter in a weekend when they were all under two years of age.   I knew that they were ready and so was I.


I just buckled down and did my training with them.   (that made it sound oh-so-easy… right?  haha!!  It isn’t, but it is so worth it!)  Well, after writing my series on how to Potty Train in Three Days, I wrote a book called Potty Train in a Weekend.    I wrote it for you to feel like you are just sitting in my house, watching me in full-on potty-training mode!   I take you through my potty training hurdles, struggles, and successes.

Ok, so are you ready to see if your child is as ready as you want them to be?

Let’s get on with this…


  •  I didn’t want the mess of diapers.  Teaching them to go on the toilet & wipe with Charmin Ultra soft (so cushiony for their little bottoms) is so much easier than changing 7 diapers a day!  (And Charmin Ultra Strong will ensure that your kids are as clean as can be!)
  •  I wanted to eliminate the constant buying of diapers (I stay home with our children and spending a lot of money on diapers was not something that I wanted to continue.
  • I didn’t want to have to change a three-year old’s dirty diaper (I am only 4’11, after all! Our three-year-olds are half my size!)
  • I wanted our children to feel independent, confident and proud to wear their “big kid” underwear!
  • It was just something that I wanted to do.  It is not for everyone, but I personally wanted them trained early.  I do not judge parents that wait for their children to be trained.  I don’t even notice, to be honest.   Different strokes for different folks, as my Grandma used to say…  Whatever works for you & your family is what works- no one can say what will be best… only you know.


Start looking for readiness signs in your child from 16 months and up.  I think that each child has a window of when they are ready to be trained.  Look for these signs starting around 16-20 months:

  • Pretending to go to the bathroom on the potty or pretending to wipe
  • Interested in body parts
  • Having a dry diaper for more than an hour
  • Watching you (or bigger siblings) go to the bathroom



  • Get Charmin toilet paper (you’ll want a few on hand). I buy Charmin Ultra Strong.
  • Have an all-natural cleaner & Bounty Paper Towels close by (I use all natural because I don’t want to clean with harsh chemicals and then ask them to sit where the chemicals just cleaned).
  • Have an activity handy to keep your toddler busy.
  • Let your child pick the potty and keep it close by.
  • Sign them songs and watch videos like this one. 
  • Have Charmin Ultra Strong in every bathroom, but also keep one out beside the little potty.  It cleans better and you can use 4 times less than the leading bargain brand.   It has a washcloth-like texture, so it cleans better.



  •  I teach them to wipe front to back to avoid any urinary tract infections, if possible.
  • I teach them to avoid getting anything on their hands.
  • I teach them to WASH THEIR HANDS WELL afterward! (this coloring book has hand-washing pictures and stories for your child… and it is free today!


  • Don’t use the same piece of toilet paper to wipe a second time or they will just smear things around (I know… but it is the truth).
  • I teach them how much toilet paper to use with this tip from The Virtuous Housewife:

    Chilly winter temperatures lead to cozy days spent indoors with the kids, making it the perfect time to work on potty training your little cub with Charmin!  I hope that these tips gave you the confidence and knowledge that you needed to train your child. 🙂   I say just go for it!


Hi there!

I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  1. How long do you sit them on the potty for?

    I started the 3 day PT today. I would put her on the toilet for 5 mins. She did tinkle some in the toilet and she clapped! I let her wipe. We had friends over so we were outside so I kind of liked the fact she peed on her leg outside. We came back in the house and every 20 mins we were on the potty. She holds her pee as long as she can and fights peeing in the potty. So on day 2 I am doing a naked baby and setting my timer for 20 mins. She also did not poop at all today being out of her diaper. I am curious to see if she will do better on day 2!

  2. Hey! I have an 18 month old baby boy showing all the signs. Today is our first day and I already feel discouraged. I don’t know if what we are experiencing is normal. I feel very determined (even if it means a second day of 20 min) but just wanted to see what you thought. He only got one half accident/half on the potty this morning. All other peed/poop was on the floor. He is starting to get a little scared when he sees the pee come out like he did something wrong (I haven’t yelled or done anything to make him feel that way). He has been practicing sitting on the potty but he doesn’t actually pee in it while he is sitting. Is this normal? I don’t know how long to make him wait on the potty and if all the accident are normal. So far he just likes sitting on it 😂